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  • Winning at Nundah - by Fless

    Winning at the Nundah Criterium Circuit - by Fless
  • 14th Dec 2019 Nundah Results

    14th Dec 2019 Nundah Results

    14th Dec 2019 Nundah Results Junior Handicap 2nd Peyton S. 1st Bella P. 3rd Eli M. A Grade Mark Creaby, Peter Oddson, Alan Jones, Mick Cole B1 John Carr (Prime) Greg Sakzewski (4th), Peter Davidson, Shannon Duggan, Adam Robinson, Faye Goodyear B2 Grade Troy Dawson (Prime), Andrew James, Mark Cane, John Chapman, Dean Williams (4th) C1 Kim Flesser, Peter Gumbley, Ethan Lang D Grade Roger Bower, Mick Wilkinson, Bob McIntyre Photos to come, but here is the D grade winner Mick Wilkinson. 89 years old...
  • Wed 11th Dec 2019 Twilight Series Round 3 Results

    Wed 11th Dec 2019 Twilight Series Round 3 Results

    Wed 11th Dec 2019 Twilight Series Round 3 Results Luckily the rain stayed away and we got some good racing in. Juniors C Nathan U., Max H., Matilda F. Juniors B Sam H., Jonathan M., Bodhi D. Juniors A JC, Liam B., Matt M., Harvey M., Villo H.
  • 7th December 2019 Lakeside Results

    7th December 2019 Lakeside Results

    7th December 2019 Lakeside Results C2 Grade Alexanda Larsson, Keely Henderson C1 Grade Stephanie Leech (1st unplaced Lady), Steven Reibelt, Wesley Vos, Ryan Croft, Rory Larsson (first U15) B2 Grade Will Massson (Prime), Matt Mihatov, Ephraim Marterson, Tyson Cash, Ned Paddison (4th)
  • Wed 4th Dec 2019 Twilight Series 2019/20 Round 2 Results

    Wed 4th Dec 2019 Twilight Series 2019/20 Round 2 Results

    Wed 4th Dec 2019 Twilight Series 2019/20 Round 2 Results (Points score at the bottom) Thanks to our volunteers: Chief Commissaire: Pete McDonald Assistant Commissaires: Denise Roberts, Rene Lubbers Marshalls:Anthony Pettit, Bob McIntyre Registration:Andrea Alexander, Trish Sutton-Davies, Kerry Parnell Thanks to Veloshotz who livestreamed the race. We had this running on the TV in the clubhouse also. Check it out at: Juniors C L-R Oliver U., Max H., Nathan U. Juniors B L-R Lachlan W, Sam...
  • Wed 27th Nov 2019 Twilight Series 2019/20 Round 1 Results

    Wed 27th Nov 2019 Twilight Series 2019/20 Round 1 Results

    Wed 27th Nov 2019 Twilight Series 2019/20 Round 1 Results Juniors A Place Rider Club     1 Liam Bradley Hamilton Wheelers     2 Juan Carlos Campomanes Balmoral Cycling Club     3 Jordan Wight Hamilton Wheelers     4 Rider #1 unknown       1st Girl Keeley Henderson Balmoral Cycling Club     2nd Girl Villo Halasz Balmoral Cycling Club             Juniors B           1 Ethan Lang Hamilton Wheelers     2 Jonathan Munro Hamilton Wheelers     3 Sam Hilditch Balmoral Cycling Club     4 Ava Paddison Hamilton Wheelers     1st Girl Ava Paddison Hamilton Wheelers     2nd...
  • 23rd Nov 2019 Lakeside Results

    23rd Nov 2019 Lakeside Results

    23rd Nov 2019 Lakeside Results Thanks to our volunteers: Chief Commissaire: John Chapman Rego:Brett Richardson, Gary Alcorn Marshalls: Mark Hastie, Martin Leech Finish:Michael Cole A Grade B1 Grade B2 Grade C1 Grade C2 Grade    
  • 17th Nov 2019 Pinkenba ITT Results

    17th Nov 2019 Pinkenba ITT Results

    17th Nov 2019 Pinkenba ITT Results Thanks to our Volunteers: Chief Commissaire: Rene Lubbers Marshalls:Alistair Lang, Anthony Pettit, Geoff Prendergast Vehicles:Nigel Hardie, Mark Creaby A Grade B1 Grade B2 Grade C1 Grade C2 Grade U15 U17
  • 9th Nov 2019 Lakeside Results

    9th Nov 2019 Lakeside Results

    9th Nov 2019 Lakeside Results C2 4th Suz Davis, 2nd Steph Leech, 1st Chris Jeffries, 3rd (missing) Andrea Alexander C1 L-R 2nd Nick Rinaudo, 1st Damien McMahon, 3rd Colin Kessels, First Unplaced Lady Zara Bruce B2 L-R 4th Ned Paddison, 2nd Craig Alers, 1st Xander Griffiths, 3rd Mitch Yarde, First Unplaced Lady Maddison Taylor B1 L-R 1st Unplaced Lady Faye Goodyear, 2nd Peter Scott, 1st Ren Bao Tsen, 3rd Nathan Boschma, Prime Paul Hanlon A Grade pic to come


Thanks to Roger Bower here are some photos from Nundah Saturday 4th Sept.
D Grade

E Grade Roger, Sandy Mc, Laurie Kelly, Phil Gibson, Vince Amos

E Grade Podium
Sandy McNab winning E Grade
Phil Gibson second in E Grade

Check out this great article Alberto Monte Rego wrote about his good mate and HPRW legend Bryan (Eddy) Ferris. Thanks Alberto!
Our thoughts are with our club commissaire John Madigan, who has been hit by a car last thursday night near the PA hospital and has suffered a broken hip (again!). Apparently a car turned right in front of him and clipped his front wheel and John fell hard on his hip that already has a plate in it. We all know John’s fighting ability to get back on a bike after a fight with a car.  Hope to see you back soon John.

UPDATE: John has been transferred to the Mater Private and is hopefully undergoing surgery today Wed 18th Aug.

HPRW member and Team Mainline rider Andrew Grady is riding the Tour De Cure from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast in support of a cure for cancer.

Here's a message from Andrew:


Cancer is one of the world's greatest takers of life. Cancer does not discriminate. It affects
men, women and children alike and it impacts everyone around them.


The Tour de Cure is an annual cycling event that raises much needed funds
for Cancer research, prevention and patient support programs.  This year
the Tour will see 90 riders & supporters travel over 1400km from Sydney
to the Sunshine Coast for 10 days in May.


I’ve signed up to complete the Tour de Cure in support of all my family and friends that
have been touched by Cancer. After personal diagnosis with Melanoma at 25, I realised that
Cancer really can affect anyone.  Too many, too young.

I’ll be doing the pedalling, but one of my main inspirations is my wife’s father, who has
been fighting pancreatic cancer for 3 years.  Thankfully after surgery and countless chemo
sessions ‘Poppy’ is still able to walk his 18 holes of golf, and watch his grand-children
grow up. Ours is just one of many stories where Cancer research and support have helped
a whole family.

We’ve set a huge fundraising target of $10 000, so any contribution you can make will be greatly appreciated.

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible and can be made at my Tour de Cure page.

Thank you for your support!
Cheers, Andrew

Here's a message from Jeff Brissy who has just opened a cafe at Strathpine. VIP customers get free coffee right? :)

I am a cyclist (I ride with NRG) and am about to open a
coffee shop (on Monday) in Strathpine. I wanted to invite your club
through you to come along and enjoy queens street cafe style food and
coffee in the suburbs. Would be great to see some cyclists at the cafe
supporting a fellow cyclist. Anyway thanks for your support ( We will of
course look after club members as VIP clients :).

The cafe is on the corner of Gympie and Cremzow roads (in the UP TILES
Complex) Strathpine.

El Cafe

The AGM was held Saturday 6th March and 2010 is looking to be a big year for the club. Issues discussed included:
Racing Calendar
Official's Rosters and $500 Random Prize Draws
Anzac 25
Bike Week Cup
Club Coaching and Junior Development Program
Reports from HPRW Teams
Clubhouse Update

The following Officials were elected and can be contacted via the Contacts page.

President: Graham Robinson

Vice-President: Graeme Spender

Treasurer: Graham Kemp

Secretary: Wayne Wilson

Chief Commissaire: John Madigan

Racing Secretary: Terry Bourne

Handicapper: Terry Bourne

Club Coach: Alan Grant

Club Captain: Garry Lee

Vice Captain: Rob Oshlack

Ladies Captain: Mel Reiter

Property Officer: Wayne Wilson

Junior Development: Peter McDonald

Newsletter: Kim Flesser

Webmaster: Adam Harrison

Northside Massage Centre

Opening in 2009 in brand new purpose-built premises in Aspley, the team at Northside Massage Centre are determined to be different from other massage providers. Our goal is to ensure that our Clients receive the very best quality therapy experience everytime they visit. Our Therapists are very experienced, fully insured and registered with all of the major Health Funds.

We offer a wide array of individually tailored services, including: Sports/Remedial; Trigger Point Therapy; Deep Tissue; Cupping; Swedish/Relaxation; and Lymphatic Drainage. Our Clients range from elite athletes to office workers to retirees.

We are very pleased to offer all HPRW members

First Visit $20 DISCOUNT on appointments of 60 minutes or more (and show membership card to receive discount off subsequent visits)

Subsequent Visits - 20% discount (any length treatment)

Opening hours are: 10am to 6pm Monday, Tuesday and Friday; 10am to 8pm Wednesday and Thursday; and 8am to 4pm Saturday.

For more information, please either visit our website at or call us on 3263 5001.

The Northside Massage Centre Team

CARRS the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety are running a cycling survey. Click this link for details.
HPRW Mitch Mulhern was firing up the boards at the Australian Track Championships last week in Adelaide, winning bronze in the men's points race.

Mitch lapped the field to grab a 20 point bonus. First place was Garmin-Transitions pro rider Jack Bobridge, 2nd was junior madison and road TT world champion Luke Durbridge, and 4th was junior world IP champ Michael Hepburn (who also had a fantastic ride to beat Jack Bobridge in the men's omnium).
Full details are in the Cycling News Report

So don't be too upset when Mitch flys past you in the ITT at Closeburn or up the Mt Mee Hill Climb as you're not the only one being beaten!

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A – Grade

Starters 23

Winner Ben Fleming, FFAST

2nd Chris Millen, HPRW

3rd Tim Bartlett, HPRW

4th Andrew Patten, HPRW


First Un-Placed Lady

B – Grade

Starters 45

Winner Scott Barnes, HPRW

2nd Chris Forster, FFAST

3rd Michael Dezwart, HPRW

4th Andrew Barton, UQ

Prime Peter Gumbley, HPRW

First Un-Placed Lady

C – Grade

Starters 24

Winner Andrew Morgan, HPRW

2nd Wayne Wilson, HPRW

3rd Lex Greenhalgh, SCCC

4th Kim Flesser, HPRW


First Un-Placed Lady Taryn Dickens, HPRW

D – Grade

Starters 7

Winner Tom Macindoe, HPRW

2nd Karen Forster, HPRW

3rd Terry Cocksedge???, DCRR



First Un-Placed Lady

E – Grade

Starters 2

Winner Roger Bower, HPRW

2nd Bob McIntyre, HPRW




First Un-Placed Lady

Total Riders:


Slide 1 .O {color:black; font-size:149%;} a:link {color:blue !important;} a:active {color:#C0504D !important;} a:visited {color:purple !important;} <!--.sld {left:0px !important; width:6.0in !important; height:4.5in !important; font-size:103% !important;} -->
Blue and White Peugeot road bike, 60cm. Shimano wheels, selle italia saddle, full campagnolo record groupset except rear derailleur (daytona) and front brake calliper (chorus), shimano pedals, sticker on frame.
Stolen in Broadbeach 31/1/10
Generous reward for information leading to recovery
Call: 0458133753 Email:

Here's a cool picture of Stuart Bell flying the HPRW colours riding cyclocross in Belgium!

Ron Brown got hit by a 30kg rottweiler pup a few weeks back and has L4 fracture and busted hip. He is going along
quite well, albeit slowly and he's three weeks into the treatment. Here's a couple of fetching shots Ron sent.

A word of warning - don't scroll down if you don't want an eyeful of Ron's butt!!! :)

I got a message from Willow that Terry Bourne was the worst casualty, he had 9 breaks in 5 ribs and a smashed up bike.

Geoff Messer did a spectacular over the handle bars 10 out of 10 somersault, luckily only bruised and will be stiff tomorrow.

Heather Kemp injured hip, ambo to Prince Charles – all clear, stiff tomorrow.

The D grade crash today was a wheel touch on the straight, not the sprint, and down went 4.

All the best Terry - get well soon mate!