Terry Bourne passed away Saturday 13th January at 7.28 am.
He had been in palliative care at Holy Spirit Hospital since December 21st, suffering from the effects of mesothelioma.
Terry was a 35 year + member of Hamilton Wheelers and performed many roles with the club, most notably as Handicapper for many years. Know affectionately as “Lock Stock” he had been a competitive cyclist since 1946 and a true devotee of the sport. He did say, typically, when he was talking to the nurses that he started bike racing in the UK in 1946 and he will be “forever a cyclist”, I could find no better summary of his existence as I have come to know him over many years. He listed his occupation on his CA licence as “cyclist”, not bad for an 81 year old.
For the many riders who have come to know Terry over time, it would be of no surprise to report that he was still very full of conversation as of 7 days ago. Chatting about all things in general, and who were the likely winners at next week’s TDU. Cycling was most definitely part of his DNA.

The Funeral of Terry Bourne

will be held at the Garden Chapel of Albany Creek Memorial Park on Tuesday 23rd January at 1.30 pm Refreshments will follow the service.

Wayne Wilson

Colin Morley has also written a story about the way he remembers Terry -