Racing this Sat 18th July - what you need to know

Things are a bit different these days, so please bear with us and take the time to read up on our new processes:

Entry - Free to all riders
Clubs - Open to riders from all club who have a current grading with Hamilton (as are all our races except a few which are always noted on the Calendar)
Coffee - Yes our coffee shop will be open and we have EFTPOS facilities
Prizes - While entry is free, we are still giving out prizes for placegetters. In addition to the tremendous glory resulting from your achievement, coffee vouchers will be presented to all the usual podium positions.
CA Licence - You must be able to produce evidence that you are currently a financial member (licence card, digital licence, email verification or other proof). 
Gradings - to race you MUST be on the grading list and race only in that grade. Apply for a grading by thursday evening 8pm

COVID stuff -
Health check - If you have any symptoms - don't come
Observe signs and markers - enter the clubhouse only via the ramp and exit only via the stairs, space out following the X markers, don't hang around in the clubhouse
No touching - yes it may have been a while since you've seen your mates; but no handshakes, hugs or kisses. Please keep social distancing as much as possible and abide by markings on the floor
Race entries - Each grade is limited to 40 riders
Sign-on - entry via the ramp, exit via the stairs
Race numbers - after racing, place them in the sterilising bucket provided
Sanitiser - please use the hand sanitiser provided
Mingling - by all means have a coffee afterwards but then go home to minimise total numbers for each race session
Hygiene - no air hankeys/snotrockets, spitting etc!

Race times -
B1 Grade    7.00 - 7.50am 50min+2laps
C1  Grade   7.01 - 7.41am 40min+2laps
A  Grade     7.45 - 8.45am 60min+2laps
B2  Grade   7.55 - 8.35am 40min+2laps
C2  Grade   8.50 - 9.25am 30min+2laps
D  Grade    8.51 - 9.30am 30min+2laps
Junior racing to commence at 8.55am