Once again Kim, Eric and fellow lunatics are planning a 3 day adventure riding to the tip of Fraser Island and back. Read all about it here

Congrats to HPRW member Ryan 'Rhino' Hawson who is in Italy for the UCI World MTB Marathon Championships in Villabassa in the Dolomites Mountains in Italy.

You can check it all out on the official site and read all about his exploits on his blog

HPRW were well represented at the 2008 Grafton-Inverell Classic with some great results in Division 3. Hopefully we'll be able to get some race reports from the guys. There are also some great photos on Kevin Coppalotti's website.


Here's Andy Patten's version of the day:

Woke up Saturday to see fog over Grafton. A nice day awaited all the riders. 

I made an early morning decision to ride singles. Enough time this year to warm up on the rollers for 15 mins. Decided to rack my bike on the line and roll out on the front this year. Will do this again, as the roads narrow and I had trouble getting around the bunch to try and get to the front last year. 
Stayed in the first 10 riders pulling turns until the first climb up Cattle Creek. A rider went away and I followed behind, watching my heart rate and staying at a certain percentage. I let him ride off until another rider bridged after the crest. Then I thought- give it a go. We worked together, then another rider bridged to make a group of four. I won the Mann River Sprint and we headed to the climb.
We started together, but after 25% of climb completed, I was climbing alone- until a Murwillumbah rider rocketed past me. Keep a constant gap, but I forced to ride at a very high HR. Chipped away, narrowing the gap until a final sprint and a KOM win. The Murwillumbah rider wanted to sit up from the summit, but I decided to ride on and see what would happen. 
At Mann River we were told we had a three minute gap. At the first feed we had a two minute gap. Over the top I had over 4 minutes. So I just rode tempo until the second feed, crossing Softwood KOM first. Looked behind to see the bunch at the end of the road and sat up.
Then the ride over the plateau- hot and windy. As per usual- a group of twenty with 5-6 doing the work to maintain the gap. 
Waterloo Range took the bunch to ten. 
Wire Gully was not decisive. Knew it was just going to be a sprint finish. Wasn't sure weather to try and bust the group as everyone was strong and I had been off the front for too long at the beginning of the race.
Got forth wheel into Inverell at the last roundabout and looked up to see the finish line had been brought down the road to the halfway point. Last year it was further down the road. Sprinted for forth and being caught out by this. Clinton passed me just before the line for third.
All in all a good day out for HPRW.


Results from Division 3:

1 Michael Hoynes (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)        7.38.08
2 Roberto Padilha (Victor Broncos)                          
3 Clinton Amble (Hamilton Pine River Wheelers)              
4 Andrew Patten (Hamilton Pine River Wheelers)              
5 Peter Cooper (Illawarra CC)                           0.01
6 Terry McDonald (Inverell Cycle 'n' Tri)                   
7 Craig Briant (C.R.A.B.S Cycling Club Inc)                 
8 Darren Halliday (Inverell Cycle 'N' Tri Inc.)             
9 Richard Sewell (Manning Valley CC Inc.)                   
10 Nicolas Booth (Murwillumbah Cycle Club)                  
11 Sam Freeman (Victor Broncos)                         8.21
12 Glenn Myler (Northern Districts CC)                  9.38
13 Michael Jorgensen (Inverell Cycle 'N' Tri Inc.)          
14 Stephen Murray (Gunnedah CTC)                            
15 Nikolai Wyman (Eastern Suburbs CC)                       
16 James Shapcott (Balmoral Cycle Club)                     
17 Matthew Hoy (Coffs Harbour CC)                       9.39
18 Matthew Vagg (Coffs Harbour CC)                          
19 Martin Lewis (Australian Defense Force CC)               
20 Nigel Blake (Grafton CC)                             9.40
21 Hayden Stewart (Hamilton Pine River Wheelers)            
22 David Wighton (SUNSHINE COAST CC)                        
23 David Hanson (Uni Cycle Club)                        9.41
24 Stephen Alexander (Hamilton Pine River Wheelers)     9.42
25 Stephen Ikin (Ffast Cycle Club)                      9.44
26 Jeffrey Gray (Illawarra CC)                         10.08
27 Jon Guy (Murwillumbah Cycle Club)                   20.22
28 Eugen Schilter (Dulwich Hill BC)                    23.38
29 Paul Kean (Sutherland Shire CC)                     23.55
30 Stephen Dowdell (Hunter District CC)                23.56
31 Michael McCall (Murwillumbah Cycle Club)            23.59
32 Jeff Brown (Southern Tasmanian Veterans CC)         30.25
33 Tony Clarke (Northern Rivers Cycling Club)          34.10
34 Edward McLane (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)          37.30
35 Matthew Brown (Central Coast CC)                    37.31
36 Ryan Lee (Uni Cycle Club)                           37.33
37 Tony Zanchetta (Townsville Cycle Club)              39.28
38 Kristian Hollins (Uni Cycle Club)                   39.46
39 John Kelley (Logan City Cycling Club)               40.31
40 Ian Porteous (Macksville CC)                        40.41
41 Alex Marshall (Balmoral Cycle Club)                 41.57
42 Michael Navybox (Goulburn CC)                       43.00
43 Glenn Chapman (Coffs Harbour CC)                    43.43
44 Thomas Brouard (Uni Cycle Club)                     47.50
45 Richard Watson (Toowoomba Cycling Club Inc.)        48.55
46 Derek Hazell (Inverell Cycle 'n' Tri)                    
47 Julian Townsend (Randwick Botany CC)                51.13
48 Peter Baz (Inverell Cycle 'N' Tri Inc.)             54.51
49 Tony Mills (Rockhampton Cycle Club)                 58.01
50 Bryan Ferris (Hamilton Pine River Wheelers)       1.03.08
51 Peter McMahon (Murwillumbah Cycle Club)           1.03.09
52 David Palmer (Kooragang Open CC)                  1.07.18
53 Rikki Corcoran (Grafton CC)                       1.08.46
54 Morris Treolor (Ipswich C C)                             
55 Gregory Walmsley (Manning Valley CC Inc.)         1.08.48
56 Marc Goodall (Dubbo CC)                           1.08.49
57 Adam Sleigh (Wynnum Redlands Cycling Club)        1.08.58
58 David Fraenkel (Ffast Cycle Club)                 1.10.32
59 Neil Thorburn (Sutherland Shire CC)               1.17.21
60 Dieter Berens (Bundaberg Cycle Club)              1.18.16
61 Grant McMillan (Kooragang Open CC)                1.21.53
62 Ben Woodman (Victor Broncos)                      1.28.53
63 Garry Reardon (Grafton CC)                        1.29.43
64 Paul Hooper (SUNSHINE COAST CC)                   1.29.45
65 Peter Jansen (Ffast Cycle Club)                   1.31.11
66 Peter Kent (C.R.A.B.S Cycling Club Inc)                  
67 Kalon Playford (Uni Cycle Club)                   1.35.00
68 John Williams (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)        1.38.59
69 Michael Dalton (Rockhampton Cycle Club)           1.39.00
70 Creighton Dolbel (Inverell Cycle 'N' Tri Inc.)    1.40.34
71 Christopher Colling (Hunter Valley Vets CC)       1.41.47
72 Cesare Verna (Ffast Cycle Club)                   1.45.09
73 Chris Carson                                      1.51.52
DNF Steven Jennings (Dubbo CC)                              

DNF David Gerrish (Dubbo CC)                     



The Sunshine Coast Tour this year was massive. The weather wasn't the greatest but the racing was fiercely competitive. HPRW was very well represented and we came away with some great results.


This caught out many riders, it was a very technical start with in difficult lighting conditions. No-one really felt they went full pace. Lucas Nicoll however came within 0.1 seconds of winning Elite B!!! Donna Fyfe rode strongly for 3rd in Masters Women.

Stage 2 - Kenilworth

This was a very tough course! There were two major hills, the second around 1km at 10% and the following descent was made extremely slippery due to the drizzling rain. Unfortunately this caught out quite a few riders, with a few broken bones and lots of gravel rash. Chris Millen in particular lost a lot of skin and a big chunk from his elbow but was back spectating on Monday.

Sandra Foerster rode a strong race but a car interrupting the sprint so Sandra had to settle for 6th place in Elite Women B.

Patti White from HV Vets had a solo win in Masters Women, but Donna Fyfe outsprinted the chase group for second place, after being misdirected the wrong way with 300 metres to go! Her sharp trackie skills helped her pull a beaut u-turn and fire it towards the line.

Lucas made up for the prologue loss with a fine second place in Stage 2 at Kenilworth to put him in the Elite B yellow jersey. Andrew Patten won this stage in Masters B and was then in yellow as well. Tom Bentley also fought hard in Elite C and came up with the win, wearing yellow with a 1 second margin! In Masters A, Adam Harrison got in a 5 man break with ex-HPRW riders Bill Ayres and Paul Butler, along with Craig Taylor and one other rider. 3 of the 5 crashed on the very slippery descent with Adam and Bill making it to the line ahead of the pack. Adam got the win and was in yellow by 11 seconds.

So not a bad haul for HPRW with 4 yellow jerseys!

Stage 3 - Montville Hill Climb

This is the stage Kim Flesser had been waiting for! Sadly the draft effect didn't work nearly so well as on the flat, and he couldn't sprint for 6km. Tom Bentley had a storming ride to retain yellow with 3rd place up the hill. Lucas unfortunately didn't have enough of a margin to keep the bird-like Elite B climbers from stealing his thunder. Andy Patten kept the yellow and put a lot of time into his rivals with another great ride. In Masters A Adam Harrison got second just behind Bill Ayres and just managed to retain yellow by 6 seconds. Alberto Monte Rego selflessly helped Adam, and finished just behind 3rd.

Stage 4 - Yandina

Stage 4 was a very hard fought fast race in all grades. Andy Patten rode a smart race finishing 5th in Masters B, as did Tom in Elite C with 2nd place. Adam lost the yellow by 20 seconds in Masters A to Craig Taylor, who got away with Roger Blackmore.

Stage 5 - Eumundi

Pouring rain at times and slippery conditions made the final stage a nail-biter with most grades still up for grabs. Elite B men in particular was an extremely finish with Craig Mendoza just stealing yellow from David Crosswell with the win and the bonus time.

For HPRW however, Andrew Patten watched his rivals, fought off all the attacks, let a non-contender take the win and kept his Masters B yellow jersey overall by 34 seconds.

Tom Bentley did the same in Elite C and a bunch finish gave him overall yellow by 35 seconds.

Adam Harrison gave it a shot over the climbs and was greatly helped by Alberto, but was outclassed by Ipswich hard-man and great sport Craig Taylor and finished 2nd, only just ahead of Bill Ayres.

Congratulations also to Bill and Melissa Anderson on the birth of their baby daughter Helena last week.

Donna Fyfe placed 2nd with a great sprint and secured the Green Sprinters Jersey in Masters Women.

There were lots of other great rides from HPRW, I'm sure I've missed some, so please let me know your race stories.

Alberto Monte Rego has written about his race on his blog

 Sandra Foerster also has a blog and a here is her report - Sandra's Sunny Coast Tour Report

Plenty of photos are at:

HPRW Gallery:,com_phocagallery/id,11/view,category/

Kevin Coppalotti:

Nick Shultz's Site:

HPRW'er Daniel White

Full results:


The club criterium championship this year will be graded racing, instead of seperate age divisions.

This is to encourage greater numbers in each race. Some divisions last year had only 1 or 2 competitors.

Terry has done a great job grading all riders. Here is the link containing all riders grades and timetable for

this saturday's racing. This document is in the Documents Sections listed under Other Documents.