2016 Qld ITT and TT Championship Results

Congratulations to state medal winners in the Individual and Team Time Trial State Championships held the weekend of Aug 27&28.

In the ITT held at Murwillumbah:
M1 Luke Cunningham GOLD
M4 Andy Patten GOLD
M4 Mark Croonen BRONZE
M5 Darrell Henry GOLD
M7 Rene Lubbers GOLD
M8 Pete Gumbley SILVER
M9 Les Preston SILVER
M10 Ron Young SILVER

in the Team Time Trial held at Elimbah:
Aidan KERSLEY ,Alex BAKER ,George NELSON (Canberra) & Clinton FRASER

Colin CHAPMAN (riding in the Procella Sports pb Jumbo Interactive team with Alexander MENA,Daniel LUKE,Tom GOUGH)

Barry MEAD,Michael BETTANY,Jason ANDERSCH(?),Shaun O'BRIEN


M8-10 GOLD

John MADIGAN, Rene LUBBERS, Thomas ROTHLISBERGER (Peter JANSEN unable to start due to technical regulations)

Well done to our other teams:

M1-3 Men Adrian COOK,Richard BROWNHILL,Shane CRAWFORD,Michael MANSON
M1-3 Men Murray MCCLYMONT, Alan JONES, Stephen LOWE
M4-5 Women Suz DAVIS, Andrea Alexander, Lyn Bridge

Some pics courtesy of Chris Fraser:

Colin Chapman in the Procella Sports U19 team

Aidan, Alex, George and Clinton in U17

Barry , Pickles, Shaun O'BRIEN in M1-3

Adam, Andy, Mark and Darrell in M4/5

Rene Lubbers, John Madigan, Thomas Rothlisberger in M6 (and Gary Reddacliff riding with Lifecycle!)

Lyn Bridge, Suz Davis and Andrea Alexander in WMAS45

Mitch Neumann wins QRTS Round 4 Hillclimb and overall Round!

Congrats Mitch! 

Ful results HERE

Veloshotz: QRTS Round 4 Individual Time Trial &emdash; QRTS Rd 4 ITT (120)

Hamilton Wheelers Elite cycling team QRTS Round 1-3 report 

Round 1 Cleveland and Gatton

Ian Johnston
Michael Bettany
Barrie Mead
Alan Jones
James Madigan
Richard Brownhill

Stage 1 Cleveland Night Criterium
The first stage of the series opener was a Criterium through the streets of Cleveland on a tight 4 left 90Deg corners per 1km lap, it consisted of 2 heats followed by an A and B final Night.
The top 30 from each heat made it to the A final and the rest in the B final. Only Michael Bettany made the A final with the rest of the team riding in the B final.
The only points from the night were from Richard Brownhill who finished in 13th place in the B final and earned 10 points.

Stage 2 Gatton Road Race
Stage 2 was a lumpy 130Km road race around Gatton, as expected the pace was fast and furious and certainly a shock to the system for most. James Madigan and Michael Bettany rode superbly and finished with the main bunch, with Michael claiming 18th place and 29 points, and James 46th place.

General Classification after round 1

Individual Position and Points after Round 2

Place in GC Rider Points
32 Michael Bettany
53 Richard Brownhill
85 Ian Johnston
85 Alan Jones
87 James Madigan
100 Barrie Mead


Round 2 Warwick

Ian Johnston
Michael Bettany
Barrie Mead
Stephen Lowe
James Madigan
Richard Brownhill
Stage 1 125km Road race
The road race consisted of a 2 lap undulating course that included open exposed sections on narrow roads that were always going to create issues for all but the front guys. We had an excellent ride and all 6 finished in the main group with Richard and Michael finishing in the top 30 to secure some points towards the team’s classification.

14 Richard BROWNHILL – 33 points
19 Michael BETTANY -28 points
33 Barry MEAD – 5 points
37 Stephen LOWE – 5 points
50 James MADIGAN – 5 points
52 Ian JOHNSTON – 5 points

Stage 2 Team Time Trial
With limited training together as a team and some less familiar on time trial bikes we still rode well and finished in 11th place out of 19 teams.

Stage 3 Criterium
The Criterium around the streets of Warwick did not work out too well for us, and like most riders we were all out within the first 30mins of the hour long Criterium with only 35 finishers of the 100+starters. Lesson learnt for the entire team, you cannot ride these crits from anywhere but the front.

GC after Round 2

Individual Position and Points after Round 2
Place in GC Rider Points
27 Michael Bettany
31 Richard Brownhill
78 James Madigan
88 Ian Johnston
90 Barry Mead
92 Stephen Lowe
123 Alan Jones

Round 3 Murwillumbah

Ian Johnston
Michael Bettany
Barrie Mead
Nic Rider
Stephen Lowe
Richard Brownhill
Stage 1 Road race 110km- Stokers Siding
Stage 1 was a hilly road race starting and finishing at Stokers Siding, it was a 3 lap course around Stokers, Uki and Murwillumbah with 3 ascents of Smith Creek “Wall”.
There was a significant crash on the first lap and Stephan Lowe came down badly, the race was stopped to allow all riders to regroup and then re started. An exceptional effort from Stephen Lowe saw him finish with the main group is what can only be described as a gutsy ride.
Richard Brownhill 28th – 19 points
Ian Johnston 58th -5points
Michael Bettany 64th -5points
Stephen Lowe 66th -5points
Barrie Mead wd -5points
Nic Rider wd -5points

Stage 2 Team Time Trial
This was our best TTT to date finishing in 10th place. Unbelievably Stephan not only made it to the start line of the TTT he was also a huge contributor and made the finish with the team.

Stage 3 Criterium
The final stage for the weekend was a series of Criteriums around the industrial estate figure 8 circuit that Murwillumbah use for their club racing; it consisted of 2 heats where riders qualified for either the A or B final. Barrie Mead and Stephen Lowe finished 13th and 15th respectively in the B final, with Ian Johnston and Michael Bettany making it through to the A final. Unfortunately there was a serious crash in the A final with 2 laps to go and the race was cancelled with results given when the riders crossed the line with 2 laps to go.

GC after Round 3

Individual Position and Points
Place in GC Rider Points
24 Michael Bettany
42 Richard Brownhill
86 Barry Mead
92 Stephen Lowe
100 Ian Johnston
117 James Madigan
150 Alan Jones
151 Nic Rider

2016 Presentation Night

Our Annual Presentation Awards Night is to be held at the Clubhouse Saturday 15th October.

Food and drinks
There is a finger food and a buffet meal provided, coffee, tea and soft drinks provided free. Beer and wine available for $3. The meal is a variety of roasts with gravy, apple or mint sauce, a range of salads, jacket potatoes and sour cream. Dessert is pavlova and lemon meringue pie.
Cost is $15 for adults and $5 for kids 13 and under.

There will be plenty of tables but could you please bring chairs!

Please RSVP to Wayne Wilson ASAP (by Oct 12 at the latest)

Neil Jackson Family Donation

Neil Jackson and his daughters – Emily Avilia, Clare Jackson, Henrietta Jackson and Harriet Jackson – have donated $10,000 to Hamilton Wheelers!!!

This magnanimous gesture honours the memory of their wife and mother – Nicol Jackson.
Nicol and Neil were and are long time Hamilton members who have supported the club for many years – the annual Neil Jackson Plumbing Volunteer of the Year Award being only one example of the support Jackson’s have given to the club.
Nicol passed away from Motor Neurone Disease some years ago and the club holds the annual Nicol Jackson Women’s Series in her honour.
With this massive donation, the donors and club wish now to leave a lasting legacy fitting of Nicol.
The $10,000 is invested and will be used yearly to support the Nicol Jackson Women’s Series as well as Junior Development. The Jackson girls were junior cyclists and Nicol was a strong women’s advocate, so it is fitting that these aspects of cycling are further promoted through the donated funds.
On behalf of all Hamilton Wheelers members, we wish to thank Neil and the girls for their generous support in loving memory of Nicol. We look forward to seeing them at our junior events and the Nicol Jackson Women’s Series next year and the many years to come.
Nicol lives strong in our collective memories.