2015 Bill Osbourne Memorial Handicap Results - Elimbah 30 May 15

Here are the complete times and placings by start order, finish order and ride time.

Division 1 (2 laps)
Place Name Club Ride Time Start Position
1 Scott Irvine Hamilton 1:44:19 10 mins in front of SCR
2 Grant Rowan Hamilton 1:48:17 12 mins in front of SCR
3 Wayne Wilson Hamilton 1:46:30 10 mins in front of SCR
4 Tony Bolter Sunny Coast 1:55:32 19 mins in front of SCR
Fastest Time Michael Hooper Hamilton 1:36:25 Scratch (Go + 19 mins)
Fastest Lady Brittany Dutton Hamilton 1:48:43 9 mins in front of SCR

For a great way to see who caught who, who broke away and who pulled the pin in a quivering, cramping mess check out this Strava Flyby which has riders from most of the groups including Adrian Cook, Matthew Smart, Angus Eagle, Thomas Rothlisberger,  Tony Thompson, Alan Jones, James Jackson, Kurt sundholm, Luke Hamilton, Dan Brown, Grant Dawson & Mark Fulloon. Click each head to see who they are and view their individual ride. The race start around the 18 minute mark.

Division 2 (1 laps)
Place Name Club Ride Time Start Position
1 & Fastest Time Steve Lattimore Hamilton 1:02:04 6 mins in front of SCR
2 Jenni Eason Hamilton 1:07:27 9 mins in front of SCR
3 Ron Young Hamilton 1:02:24 1 min in front of SCR
4 Andrea Alexander Hamilton 1:08:36 6 mins ahead of SCR
  Ted Alexander Hamilton 1:04:22 SCR
  Angie Rachle Hamilton 1:04:22 SCR
  Vince Amos Hamilton 1:11:22 7 mins ahead of SCR
  Helen Young Hamiton 1:18:21 10 mins ahead of SCR

(Jenni and Ron)

Chief Commissaire: Pete McDonald
Assistant Commissaire: Darryl Baker
Signon/Finish: Clayton Thiedecke
Marshalls/Vehicle: Phil Gibson, Richard Brownhill, Rick Brownhill, Errol & Stephen Lowe

Scott Irvine wins Div 1!

Michael Hooper F/T

Britt Dutton Fastest Lady