15th May 2016 Club Criterium Championship Results

Many thanks to our volunteers, both those who were rostered on and those who helped fill out during a long morning of racing. Sorry to anyone we've missed!

Chief Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Assistant Comms: Phil Jones, Saskia Deckers
Marshalls: Jo Sinclair, Dave Roest, Sam Collins, Scott Meredith, Tom Casey, Rick Brownhill, Warren Forbes
Signon: Murray McClymont, Chris Millen, Donna McAndrew

Womens Masters Champions Kris WMAS4, Andrea WMAS6, Trish WMAS5

Elite Men

Masters 4 great sprint by Tom Casey from Graeme Smith and Andy Patten

Masters 2 Men won by Richard Brownhill from Mark Creaby and Grant Dawson

Masters 6 Men Gary Reddacliff from Marek Marchewa (welcome back!) and John Chapman

Masters 5 Darrell Henry from Phil Jones and Chris Marty

Masters 8 won by Pete Gumbley

Masters 7 won by Garry Lee from Thomas Rothlisberger and Wayne Wilson

Masters 4 Women won by Kris Kersley 2nd Suz Davis

Combined Junior Race


Michael, Bennett and Mitchell

Alex and Ashton