23rd July 2016 Frank Papp Memorial Handicap Results

Firstly a big thanks to our Volunteers as this is a long gig!
Chief Commissare:John Madigan
Signon/Marshall/Drivers: Darren Potts, Steve Munro, Helen Young, Jack Morton, Wayne Wilson

Strong head-cross winds meant our toughest course would be even tougher this year. In the 2 lap Division 1 race, the wind meant the smaller groups towards the front of the field had a disadvantage and there were many DNFs, with only 20 out of 37 Division 1 racers completing the course.

Mitch Neumann jumped from the scratch group on the return leg of the lap 1, and only Richard Brownhill could go with him. These two worked well to bridge across to a more cohesive chopping block (3:30 ahead) and then to the group ahead made up of riders from a few different different groups. They only managed to catch the lead group about 5km from the finish. Mitch jumped on the final hill for a solo victory (and fastest time), with the minor placings going to Steve Ledger (Uni), Richard Brownhill and David Wadsworth (both HWCC). Fastest unplaced Lady was Shannon Proffit in a time of 2:35:49

1st Mitch Neumann HWCC 2:18:56

2nd Steve Ledger UQ  2:24:16

3rd Richard Brownhill HWCC  2:19:54

4th David Wadsworth HWCC 2:26:55

First Unplaced Lady Shannon Proffit 2:35:49

In Division 2 Les Preston had a great ride for the win in a time of 1:20:28 but fastest time went to Jon Douglas (Lifecycle) in 1:18:12. Fastest lady was Eva Bury (Lifecycle) in 1:31:27.

1st Les Preston HWCC  1:20:28

2nd Matt Bury Lifecycle 1:20:31

3rd Nou Vongsaly HWCC  1:29:13

4th & F/T Jon Douglas Lifecycle 1:18:12

17 Gary Madigan Lifecycle 1:17:16

9 Eva Bury Lifecycle 1st Lady 1:31:27

Richard Brownhill

David Wadsworth

Shannon Proffit