26th Aug 2017 'The Hamilton' 3 hour race results

Many thanks to Gary Alcorn for putting his ideas into practice and organising this event.

Also a big thanks to Neil Hamey for organising and running the timing equipment.

And also all our other volunteers for helping out for such a long time.

Chief Commissaire:Rene Lubbers
Electronic Timing: Neil Hamey
Race Coordinator and Sprints: Gary Alcorn
Signon/Marshalls/Finishline:Graham Clelland, Craig Alers,Stuart Arnolda, Adam McCormick, Wayne Wilson
FirstAid: Frank Stevens A1 FirstAid

Although we only had 11 teams, the races was hard, entertaining and quite tactical.

Several teams attempted to break away and gain a lap in the first two hours, and sprint points were hotly contested, but it wasn't until the final 45 minutes that Team 7 Mitch Neumann, Jackson Rees and Carter Bettles (The Pedaler) broke clear with the few other riders for support. They soon formed a team time trial, dropping the other breakaway teams and worked up to a minute lead then finally lapped the field with about 20 minutes to go making it very hard for anyone to beat them overall. A seperate prize to the sprint point winners was still on though, plus the minor placings so the last few sprints had everyone going for it.

The Uni team of Jordan Ross, Steve Ledger and Dan Logan were always well up in the sprints score and ended up getting the Sprint points cash bonus prize as well as second place. A great effort by the Hamilton Team of Murray McClymont, Mick Cole and Paul Newman secured them third place overall.

Also great work to our D grade team of Pete McDonald, Bob McIntyre and Laurie Kelly who completed a total of 66 laps.

The Hamilton - Teams Start list
Team Sprint Points Laps Overall Place Rider 1 Grade Club Rider 2 Grade Club Rider 3 Grade Club
7 37 107 1st Mitch Neumann A HWCC Jackson Rees B1 Uni Carter Bettles B1 BCC
1 42 106 2nd & Sprint Bonus Jordan Ross A Uni Steve Ledger B1 Uni Dan Logan B1 Uni
8 16 106 3rd Murray McClymont A HWCC Mick Cole B2 HWCC Paul Newman   HWCC
10 14 106 4th Anthony Sibraa A HWCC Nick Pinn B HWCC Richard Kohout B2 Lifecycle
2 3 106 5th Mark Creaby A HWCC Shayne King B1 HWCC Jason Churchward B1 HWCC
4 3 106 6th Andy Patten A HWCC Dave Wadsworth B1 HWCC Lochie Sinclair B1 HWCC
9 6 105   Liam McCarthy A KPCC Amy Schramm B1 KPCC Matt Smart B2 HWCC
11 7 104   Adrian Owen   Balmoral Clinton Bain   BCC Piri Witana   Balmoral
3 2 99   Gary Weis B1 HWCC Steve Schoemaker C1 HWCC Richard Needham    
6 0 99   Phil Jones B2 HWCC Bill Tape C1 HWCC John Chapman C1 HWCC
5 0 66   Peter McDonald D HWCC Bob McIntyre D HWCC Laurie Kelly D HWCC