Sponsors Guidelines

Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club welcomes any individual or corporate bodies who wish to sponsor
any of our events.
In general, the following should be used as a guide;-
* Any proposed sponsorships should be accompanied by a brief outline of the proposal forwarded to
the club secretary in time for it to be considered by the club executive.
* Sponsorship for full club race meetings are available for a minimum of $100 for an individual
person and $150 for a corporate body. Any other amounts will be considered in relation to the
proportions of the sponsorship proposal, e.g. major or higher profile events, offers of greater than
normal prizemoney.
* Should a sponsor wish to offer a large amount of prizemoney available to riders in addition to the
base sponsorship, it is advised that current AusCycling rules prohibit prizemoney of more than
$1,000 for club events. For greater prizemoney, AusCycling requires the event to be held as a higher
level ‘Open’ event which necessitates capitation fees to be paid to AusCycling.
* Sponsors names and logos (if required) will be given prominence in the club’s website, Facebook
page, race emails (approx. 1,000 subscribers) and club-only emails (approx. 500 subscribers). Such
advertising will be appropriate to the size of the sponsorship. All advertising requests by sponsors
will be considered.
* Sponsors will be encouraged to attend their race meeting, where their sponsorship will be made
prominent over the public address system (if appropriate). Sponsors will be invited to hand out
prizes to podium placegetters and be included in podium photos to be displayed on the club’s
* Sponsors may supply pop-up advertising (or the like) around the clubhouse and behind/beside the
podium during the race meeting.
* Consideration will be given to any sponsors’ request for a special/additional race. For example a
sponsor may wish to support a special race for ‘C/D grade women’ or a race for ‘A/B Grade riders
over a certain age’. This may be instead of sponsoring the full race meeting or additional to it.