Womens Racing

Hamilton Wheelers has always had a strong membership of ladies racing regularly. We aim to make racing inclusive and enjoyable to riders of all ages and abilities. We also aim to increase the level of participation by encouraging riders to start racing at a grassroots level.

Womens Only Racing
Currently all Hamilton Wheelers races are ‘gender neutral’ (open to both male and female riders). The only exceptions to this are specifically advertised races for women only including our Nicol Jackson Ladies Day and our ANZAC DAY racing.

However any Hamilton Wheelers club race that contain 8 or more women starters, will be considered to be a seperate 'race within a race' with prizemoney awarded seperately to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

For races with 2 to 7 women starters, the first unplaced woman only will be awarded prizemoney (unless they come first, second or third outright).
In all races with 3 or more women, a separate podium presentation will be made (with photos). It will be important that all women riders claim their places to assist the commissaires at the finish line.

Annual Womens Only Series
Since 2011 we have held an annual Womens Event - the 'Nicol Jackson Womens Series' in honour of one of members who sadly passed away from Motor Neuron Disease. The Series is also a medical reseach fundraiser. 

For more info please contact our Ladies Captain Katherine Cole