A Grade
1 Peter Thompson (Fusion Teschner)
2 Matt Wood (Fusion Teschner)
3 Cameron Hughes (Budget Forklifts)
4. Matt Smith (...)
Prime Peter Thompson (Fusion Teschner)
B Grade
1 Tim Bartlett(HPRW)
2 Tathan White (Hit Racing)
3 Mark Hastie (...)
4 Steve Greig (Qld Uni)
First Woman Simone Grounds (Lifecycle)
Prime Tim Bartlett (HPRW)

B1 Grade
1 John Murazak (...)
2.Anthony Rohan (HPRW)
3 Dannin Strauch (...)
4 Chris Lonergan (...)
First Woman Jane Walker (...)
Prime Alex Marshall (...)

C Grade
1 Mark Brooks
2 Peter Allonby
3 Nathan Augustin
4 Mark Wallace (HPRW)
First Woman Maddison Dutton (Dutton Cycles)
Prime Mark Brooks

 Points will be tallied with $100 prize money for the points leader at the end of the series

 Thank you to our sponsors Bank of Queensland for assisting with prize money:



and to Velo Bicycles for sponsoring the prizes for the Primes