How to pin on your number

Here is the correct way to pin on your number for races with Hamilton Wheelers. We use a camera directly in line with the finish. This means you number must be clearly visible directly from side on.
  • Pin you number across your ribcage (not on your back) when leant over in a sprint position
  • Make sure it's on the correct side - right side for normal direction Nundah, left side for most road courses and reverse crits
  • Check to make sure the number isn't folded over
  • You can angle the number so it's vertical when leant over
  • Extra pins are available if you need to make it more 'aero'
  • 'My mate did it for me' is not a good excuse!
  • Don't forget to claim your places straight after the race
Volunteering at the finish line is a good way to see who can and can't pin a number on!

Can you read all these numbers?