Mick Young is leaving this Saturday 5th September on the Smiling for Smiddy Ride. Depart time is
6:15am from the UQ Aquatic Centre at St Lucia and there is a free breakfast and you can ride
with Phil Anderson to Dayboro.

Here's a message from Mick about the the Challenge:

Smiddy Banner



From the 5th -12th September 2009, myself and 49 other cyclists and support crew
will tackle a gruelling 1600 kilometre cycle through Queensland in only eight days.
It's our way to raise funds for cancer research and remember our mate Adam Smiddy
who lost his life to melanoma.

More than 100,000 Australians are diagnosed with cancer each year and too many
good lives are lost to this devastating disease. Sadly, my father lost his battle with
Melanoma on the 17th of June this year. This has further strengthened my passion
to make a difference. I invite you to join with me in the fight against cancer. This year
I have set myself a personal target of raising $10,000.00 and seek your support in
reaching this total. All donations go directly towards world-class research which will
one day save lives.

If you have a spare moment, please take a look at our web site
where you can learn more about the 2009 Bottlemart Smiling for Smiddy Challenge.
See also a short video featuring footage of last years ride with commentary from
Olympic Gold Medallist Duncan Armstrong, a fellow Smiddy Challenge rider.

I welcome you all to join us at the UQ Aquatic Centre for a free breakfast (from
5.00am) prior to  the "Grand Depart" (6.15am)  and then riding with us to Dayboro.
It's not every day that you get to ride with a cycling legend (apart from me) and Sat
the 5th is no exception as the first Aussie to win the yellow jersey, Phil Anderson, will
be joining us for the first 4 days of the ride.

In anticipation of some huge donations from you all, (which can be made at ) I thank you.

Should you have any queries or comments, please contact me.

Mick Young

Cycling 1600kms in 8 days for a cause - that's hard.
Donating funds for cancer research - that's easy!
Visit to read about the
Bottlemart 2009 Smiling for Smiddy Challenge.


Because cars will be on the track from 9:15am we need to start racing promptly at 8am. Because of this sign-on will now be closing at 7:45am so please ensure you arrive at lakeside early enough, particularly if you are riding out.

URGENT - Commissaires and Coaching Courses

We have a desperate shortage of qualified Level 1 and Level 2 Commissaires which could affect our ability to conduct racing. Please consider undertaking the level 1 CQ commissaire's workshop on Saturday 22nd August - the club will cover all costs.

Full details on on the flyer.

Similarly the club will fully fund anyone who wished to undertake a CQ coaching course.

Please contact Wayne Wilson if you wish to become qualified as a coach or commissaire.

HPRW member Eric Dousi has been in hospital after an accident in Gladstone where he works. Here's a message passed on to Sean Harrison from Eric's wife.

Saturday morning he was riding in a bunch of 10~11 riders.  A motorist bore down on the last rider (a police officer of all things) being aggressive, yelling abuse, using his horn and basically menacing the riders.  after a period, he accelerates to the front of the line where Eric was leading out the group and basically runs Eric off the road striking him with his car.

Eric has sustained some serious injuries including broken bones, head trauma and naturally abrasions.  he is still in hospital in Gladstone, but hoping to be able to come home to Brisbane by the weekend. The driver has been arrested and the car impounded. 

If you want to send a message to Eric via the website click this link. Get well soon mate!
HPRW member Ruan Benson has recently travelled to Belgium to compete and Ruan's dad Adrian tells us he
has had some excellent results of late. Adrian said:

I thought I'd give you some feedback with Ruan's racing in Europe. He has been over there now since late
June, and has done pretty well in all the races. Yesterday he finished in 12 position after he crashed but was
in the leading  break, 177km race. In all the races he finishes in the pack but his function is a worker. At the
age of 20 he is still the youngster in the team but the Team Manager want to take him to a Top Tour in
Portugal and France in 4 weeks.  So currently he races 4 times a week and did just over 980km for last week.
Nothing in concrete yet, but it sounds like they want to sign him for next year for a complete season.

Ruan raced a big race on Tuesday and managed a 6 place! He also made the team for the Tour de Namur
however after Tuesday will be the "kopman", which is the team leader for the tour! Mate he wants to get
a good result on this tour so hold thumbs. He did not expect to be the team leader, but I guess if
you can climb, you can!!

Ruan Benson racing in Belgium
                           Click the image for a largerversion
Michael Kakanis from Bond University is looking for A grade levels cyclists to assist in his University Research. Full details are on this flyer.
Here are the results from the Jon Brooks Memorial race held Sun 19 July. Stuart Bell and Jason Reed on the podium.

Q: Who was that bloke with the big lens at Nundah last Saturday (4th July)?

A: Peter Cunneen from Action Shots Have a look you might be in there!








Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Mark Fulloon and Nikolina Orlic who are both off the bike for a while after nasty accidents.

Mark's story:"Just a quick message to let you know that last Wednesday, I was struck down by a car failing to give way. As a result, I have a very badly injured right hand -going in for surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) - and one destroyed Pinarello. Therefore, I will not be able to be at the ANZAC25, nor the state titles. Will be out for about 3months until full recovery. "


Nikolina had a nasty crash while competing in the Mersey Valley Tour in Tasmania after wheels clipped during a fast descent. Luckily she sustained no broken bones but has lots of cuts, bruises, torn muscles, whip lash and minor nerve damage.


Nikolina joined HPRW last year at the Mt Mee Hill Climb and recently completed the NZCT Women's Tour of New Zealand, a tough 3 day stage race, as part of the composite team sponsored by BP, and also in the Mastertons International Cup.

Nikolina finished with the bunch on the first two stages. The final stage had some big climbs especially Admiralty Hill at the end.


Here's Nikolina's report from Stage 3


Stage Three -

Stage three was the most difficult stage of them all. I held out with the bunch until the last QOM just before Admiral Hill. The last 20km was the hardest 20km's I have ever ridden in my life. My legs were screaming and felt like they wanted to explode. 130km and 6 bottles of water later, I made it to the top of Adrimal Hill, 17 minutes behind the leader. I got off my bike and collapsed to the ground, I was shaking and felt like crying (well maybe I did just a little). Words can't express the pain my body went through on the last climb and by the time it was over I was filled with mixed emotions. I didn't know if I was happy for it to all be over or whether I even wanted to cycle or race again. But this was only because of the pain I went through having pushed my body to a another level of physical exhauston which I haVve never experienced before.

Stage 3

At one point I felt disappointed with my result but then had to be realistic. Two weeks of hill climbing is not enough for a Tour like this. Also this was a big jump for me going from the type of racing I had been doing back home and of course, this was the first Tour I have ever raced. As crazy as it sounds, but I'm already planning the next one.

Results -
Stage One = 41st + 0.04
Stage Two = 29th + 0.06
Stage Three = 49th + 17.04

Final Classification = 48th + 17.14 minutes 


CQ are running a Level 1 Commissaires Workshop on Sat April 4th. We need more club commissaires to continue to be eligible to conduct racing so please consider attending this course.

Two weeks ago Goldstars announced that all entry and prize money from the 14th Feb race at Pimpana would be donated to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. HPRW was the first club to accept the challenge and organised to do the same at our Lakeside race. Unfortunately this race was washed out, but the Appeal was carried over to Nundah to the 21st Feb. 

Last Saturday at Nundah we manageed to raise $1432.40. Many riders also donated more than the $10 entry fee. Thanks to all HPRW and visitors for your generosity.

HPRW rider Mitch Mulhern has won a gold medal in the U19 Mens team pursuit at the National Track Championship in Adelaide. Mitch rode with Michael Hepburn, Jordan Kerby and Thomas Richards. Michael Hepburn earlier won gold and set a new world record in the U19 Individual Pursuit.

Photo (C) John Veage /

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many club members for their well wishs via email, phone and visits while I was in hospital. While I am very thankful of the surgeon, doctors and nurses for their expert care, hospitals are not a very nice place with all the patients suffering in some way and it was very uplifting to receive the visits and calls during my stay. I ended up in hopsital for nearly 3 weeks after coming home from the RBH after 2 weeks and then back into the Holy Spirit after 2 days at home due to a lung infection. My injuries ended up being a total of 16 fractures to my ribs with bruising to my spleen and left lung, plus I now have some titanium plates holding togeter two of my ribs. Am starting to feel better thanks to the drugs, but will have to wait a while for the ribs to repair themselves. The news I did not want to hear was the doctors recommendation to not race for 6 months due to the knock on the spleen - oh well, plenty of coffee rides until then.
A special mention must go to the club members who helped my wife Jane while I was in hospital. The day after I went into hospital, the bad storm on the Sunday damaged our house and knocked over a tree. With the help of Chris Locke, Paul Barton and Lucas Nicoll organsing repairs, it made things easier for Jane. It is times like this when you really appreciate the friendship and kindness of  fellow HPRW club members.
Garry Lee

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to all riders injured in the last two weeks racing at Nundah. Garry Lee is still in the RBH with 9 cracked ribs, fluid on the lungs and bruised spleen so he will be there for a few more days at least.

Following the recent on-line vote and subsequent committee meeting HPRW have

now altered their policy and will now allow SPONSORED TEAMS to represent the club.

This is a significant change. The policy now reads:

Sponsorship of teams

.    Max 2 licensed teams per year

.    $500 licence fee

.    Club to match licence fee revenue dollar for dollar

.    Revenue to be dedicated to junior development

.    HPRW logo & "HPRW" to be prominently displayed on front of jersey     

     and rear or legs of nicks (either in a band or on the thigh)

.    Designs including club branding to be approved by executive

.    Any CQ licence fee to be paid by team

.   Teams to be limited in first instance to 8 riders

Expressions of interest for sponsored teams have and will be received. They will be evaluated

when formal applications have been presented to the Executive.

HPRW look forward to this new era for the club and the sponsored teams.

The on-line vote was 47 in favour of the proposal and 2 opposing. Here are the members comments:




being in cycle racing for over 50years, I can say that sponsorship has caused trouble
within clubs as far back as the late 50's.  I can't see why C.Q. can't come up with a
deal for these riders that want to ride with sponsorship, they would pay a fee to C.Q.
race all the C.Q. events the same as club riders do, & if there was no C.Q. event then
just ride with the club of their choice as an invitation rider, if they lose their
sponsorship, then these riders have to find another sponsor or pay to join a club,
wouldn't that eliminate all the problems that now seem to be facing clubs over this,
this is just a thought at 70years + I don't think it is going to hurt me much anyhow,
there doesn't appear to be anyone out there busting to sign me up for a long term contract,
I just want to see Hamilton stay a strong club & not suffer a split over the wishes of
a few riders.




I would like to send my appoligies for not being able to attend on Saturday. 
This is an issue that I am very passionate about and would like the opportunity
to discuss the implementation of sponsored teams if they are approved.  There
are far to many issues to put to a simple vote


I accept that the proposal breaks with tradition, but it is probably the best way forward
especially (as noted) regarding recruitment of young members.


Apart from HPRW logo on left breast maybe we can add web address on butt
of shorts/knicks and on collar of shirt?


I'm a strong beleiver that it will retain riders in the club who are
looking to race at an open level and can gain some assistance to cover
the cost of racing and travel by having a sponsor behind them. This exposure
can only be good for the club as well.

I sincerely support a great opportunity to generate sponsored team racing in
HPRW, this will only help support strong racing members within our club.

Anything that promotes our club has to be a positive.
When would they be required to, and when not to, wear the sponsored shirt?
Or can they wear them at any event!


I believe this should be supported as it gives riders the opportunity to stay
with the club but at the same time race in a team environment - especially in
the open races. HPRW has a strong member base currently and I believe this will
only enhance the current number of members. At present to race in a sponsored
team the only option is to leave the club, reducing membership. In relation to
reducing numbers at club events when \'sponsored\' teams are racing CQ events,
I believe this would already occur to a certain extent anyway. I cannot see too
many negatives in accepting this proposal


I believe it will attract more riders to the club and benfit the stronger young
elite riders coming thru. it will also help to retain these talented kids.

Provided this is real sponsorship and not the rider buys a jersey to look good in.
Not sure how you can police this ? Perhaps it is possible to set certain critera


The club should let sponsored team riders into the club on a couple of conditions.
One, the rider/riders get involved within the club's philosophy in some way. Two,
that rider/riders miungle with other club members. This would ameliorate the us
against them mentality. Three, the club should put in place, some form of guidelines
for those sponsored rider/riders that benefits the club as well. There has to be a
compromise between both parties. Furthermore, the club should reserve the right to
reject and terminate the team at any time. In saying that, if the club allows a
team in, then the club should also welcolme those riders with friendly gestures.
I am just worried that sponsored teams would try and join our club for the sake
of thier own interests, and not bothering to care what HPRW could also offer.

Anything that promotes our wonderful sport and introduces young blood into our club is a positive.


I support this proposal as in so far as I believe that it is more beneficial
for riders who are given the opportunity to ride in a team to do so, rather
than being restricted from having the choice. I do however have questions as
to the wider issue of 'teams racing', the proposals part in it and HPRW's
ongoing stance regarding the concept. Namely I think that further from the
question proposed, it needs to be asked as to what role do we wish teams
racing to play in the future of the club. Do we simply want to allow members
to ride for sponsored teams if they choose to or do we want to actively engage
in the concept?

I am aware that Cycling Queensland’s Technical Committee has been developing
new regulations for the concept,I am yet to see these yet. It is my view that
allowing members to ride for sponsored teams without the club having any more
involvement than this in teams racing could be a problem. If there is no
internal option of (sponsored or not) teams racing, then riders (especially our
talented elites and juniors) would be forced to look outside the club structure
if they wanted to have anything to do with teams racing. If a number of members
are then racing for teams outside of the club, this raises issues. Riders in
this situation may find themselves pulled towards racing at other local races
than HPRW races and pulled away from greater involvement in the club or pulled
towards changing clubs.

On this point I see it as a good opportunity for HPRW to examine whether it is
beneficial in this situation to allow and even to encourage the creation of
teams within the control and support of the club. Elites A riders and Juniors
seem the most likely possibilities as these riders are probably the most like
be lost from the club to sponsored teams. I can imagine that it would lessen
the fear that they will not attend club events or that they would have to
choose between representing their team in one event or their club in another,
because it would be one and the same. More so it would allow the club to have
a say in sponsorship and to make sure that sponsor or naming rights don’t
overshadow the fact that they are still HPRW riders. HPRW would be able to
maintain a more prominent position on any sponsored jerseys rather than simply
a badge over the chest if it wishes.   

It seems a shame to not at least consider the possible benefits team racing
gives in retaining and attracting members, increasing club value and image
and helping riders achieve better results in competition. Being like some
clubs whose riders ride for teams that seem to have nothing to do with the
club nor contain the clubs name on the jerseys would not I imagine be desirable
to most HPRW members. However a balance between the benefits of sponsors and
teams racing while retaining a strong club image would serve the interest of
the club better than the current situation. HPRW needs to be acutely aware of
attracting young and new talent and we need to ask ourselves what direction
is likely to be best for the long term prosperity of the club.





Donna Fyfe capped off a great season by winning the Female Masters Road Cyclist of the Year award, and Peter Gumbley picked up Masters Men 5-6 Road Cyclist of the Year. Congratulations to them both!


Here is the full list of awards winners

Congratulations to all the club members who made our dinner night such a great success last Saturday night.  Special mention to Suz Davis, Roger Bower, Gary Alcorn, Bob McIntyre and Wayne Wilson.

Here are a few photos from the dinner. If you have any more photos or stories please send them in.

Kay and Norma Cassidy 1950

Kay and Norma Cassidy 1950

Kay and Norma Cassidy 2008

Kay and Norma Cassidy 2008