30th Oct 2016 Lakeside Results

Thanks to all our volunteers for helping out!
Chief Commissaire:Peter McDonald
Assistant Commissaire: Darryl Baker
Training Commissaires:Gordon Baudino, John Chapman
Signon/Marshalls/Finish:Alex Schmidt, Glenn Dexter, Gary Alcorn, Lyn Bridge

C1 winners - Shayne King (1st), Patricia Guley (1st Lady), Gabe Petrie (4th), David Jifkins (3rd) Steve Munro (2nd and Prime) Ash Elliott (Prime)

B2 winners Jimmy Chesterman (1st), Claire Winterbourne (1st Lady), Gary Reddacliff (4th) David Wadsworth (3rd) Adam Barnes (2nd) Mark Colegate (Prime)

B1 winners Ben Walding (2nd), Elliot Schultz (1st), Jonathan Salhini (3rd), Brett O'Dougherty (4th), Gillian Backhouse (1st lady)

A Grade winners Jason Ford (2nd and Prime) Richard Brownhill (4th) Bryn Abad (3rd) Ben Chambers (1st) Mick Manson (Prime)

Jimmy sprints to the win in his first race (B2)!

David Wadsworth,Gary Reddacliff, Aidan Kersley 3rd, 4th & 5th in B2

Elliot Schultz, Ben Walding, Jonathan Salhini 1st 2nd 3rd in a B1 breakaway

Ben Chambers 1st in A Grade

Hardworking Treasurer Jenni Eason in D Grade