26 Nov 2016 Lakeside Results

A Grade Richard Brownhill 4th, Will Overell 2nd & Prime, Mick 'Last lap move' Manson 1st, and Murray McClymont 3rd

B1 Greg Newman Prime, Britt Dutton 1st unplaced Lady , Jonathan Salhani 4th, Peter Williams 1st, Darrin White 2nd, Joshua Skinner 3rd

B2 Clem Piscitelli 3rd, Shane Hiscock 1st, Fred Vekeman 2nd, Gary Reddacliff 4th, Adam Pelzer Prime

C1 Megan Hall 1st unplaced Lady, Chris Marty 1st, John Chapman 2nd, Steve Schoemaker 3rd, Matt Mihatov 4th

Sorry missed the C2 photo opportunity!

Thanks to our Volunteers
Chief Commissaire:John Madigan
Signon/Marshalls/Finish:Stuart Morrison, Gary Alcorn, Elwyn Prenzler, David McCann, Nick Wright
First Aid: W. Brannigan (A1 First Aid)