8th Oct 2017 Nundah Results

Thanks to all our volunteers, but a special thanks to David Jacobs who kindly offered to act as our Level 2 Commissaire so we could allow all clubs to participate.

Chief Commissaire:David Jacobs
Signon/Marshalls/Finish:Mick Young, Russell Murray (for Michael), Michael Crowe, Paul Robertson, Sam Reed
First Aid: A1 First Aid

Womens D Grade L-R Lucretia Battle 2nd, Sarah Leuenberger 1st, Emma Henderson 3rd

Womens C Grade: L-R Cherie Mable 2nd, Annie McDonagh 1st, Kelsey Griffith 3rd

C2 Grade L-R Selina Green 2nd, Helen Chesswas 1st, Jonathan Munro 3rd

D Grade Bob McIntyre 4th, Mick Wilkinson 2nd, Michael Wilkinson 1st , Roger Bower 3rd

B1 Grade L-R Shannon Duggan (prime), Brett O'Dougherty 2nd, Mick Cole 1st, Scott Burton 3rd, Paul Willett 4th

B2 Grade L-R Junjie Huang 4th, Sam Reed 2nd, Adam Williams 1st, Jason Churchward 3rd

A Grade L-R Ben Hitchens 2nd, Michael Bettany 1st, Michael Manson 3rd