6th Dec 2017 Twilight Series Round 2 Results

C Grade L-R Anne Louise Cosgrove (First Lady), Matthew McDonagh (2nd), Erik Van Driel (1st), Paul Kays (3rd), Finn Walsh (4th and prime)

B2 Grade Points Race
There was an error in the results and Samuel Crowley was awarded 1st place instead of Ben Castles. Apologies to both riders for the mistake!
L-R Carmen Barney (1st lady), Tony Myatt (4th), Iain Stephen (2nd), Samuel Crowley, Adam Williams (3rd), Harrison Raymond (5th)

B1 Podium L-R Michaela Murray (First Lady), Gary Hocking (4th), Paul Robertson (2nd), Shannon Duggan (1st and prime 1), Brett Lutze (3rd), Adam Robinson (2nd prime)

A Grade L-R Jonathon Noble (4th), Daniel Luke (2nd and Prime 2), Jay McCarthy (1st and Prime 1), Ollie Smith (3rd)

Juniors A Jonathan Munro (2nd), Jordan Wight (1st)

Juniors B Marly Harrison (2nd), Traveé Transom

Juniors C Jack Guyatt (2nd), Ethan Lang (1st)