31st Jan 2018 Twilight Series 2017-18 Round 5 Results

(Round 6 carries double points!)

Many thanks to our Twilight Volunteer Crew-
Chief Commissaire:Pete McDonald
Assistant Commissaires:Denise Roberts, Roger Bower, Darryl Baker
Marshalls:Bob McIntyre,Lindsay Green
Signon:Gary Alcorn, Andrea Alexander
Finishline:Ted Alexander
C Grade Results corrected after presentation. Rider #7 awarded 3rd place

Junior C Jude and Jack

Junior B Sam, Marly and Ethan

Junior A Jordan, Ciaran and Jonothan

C Grade L-R Ann-Louise (Ladies Sprint) , Mitchell (2nd),Tim (1st), John(4th place) Gabe (5th) Pete (6th) (Andrew Davies 3rd place not pictured - results amended after presentations)

B2 Grade L-R Robert, Harrison, Junjie, Robert, Ben

B1 Grade L-R Jemma, Brett, Adam, Haddo, Shannan, Michaela

A Grade L-R Sam, Manolo, Pickles, David, Mitch