14th April 2018 Lakeside Results

Thanks to all our Volunteers!

Chief Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Signon/Marshalls/Finish: Phil Gibson, Mark Gleeson, Scott Barr, Klaus Auckenthaler, Sharon Bolter, Gary Alcorn

A Grade L-R Jordan Ross (1st and Prime) Tom Coates 4th, Murray McClymont 3rd, Mark Render 2nd

B1 L-R Nathan Bocshma 4th, Brett Lutze 2nd, Jacob Walding 1st, Dan Logan 3rd, Rachael Effeney First Unplaced Lady, Nathan Hibbot Prime 

B2 Grade L-R Jelmer Slob 1st, Matt Mihatov 2nd, Daniel Mulcahy 3rd, Sam Reed 4th

C1 Grade L-R Elise Run & Heather Wilson tied for First Unplaced Lady, Ryan Elliot 5th (4th was unclaimed), John Chapman 3rd, Gabe Petrie 2nd (Matt Busuttil 1st and prime missing)

C2 Grade L-R Stephanie Leech 2nd, Andrea Alexander 3rd, Chris Delabbio 1st