24th Aug 2019 Eric Hawkins Memorial Race Results

A small but quality field turned up for the annual Eric Hawkins Memorial. Thanks again to Eric's son Troy and his wife Hazel for arranging the great trophies and putting up a massive first prize of $500. With the first prize plus primes of $100 and $50 the race was hand and fast with 8 riders being dropped and DNFing. Many breaks got away for a short time including aggressive rides from Harley Moore, Ryan Thomas, Lachy Sinclair, Carter Bettles, Tom Coates, Sam Volkers and Rhys Robotham.

Ryan Thomas and Harley Moore were away for both primes but it was Carter Bettles who came away with the win in the end with Harley Moore second, Ryan Thomas third and Richard Allen fourth.

Results for other grades:
B1 Grade
1st Peter Oddson (Hamilton)
2nd Robert Zeital (Brisbane Cycling Club)
3rd Gary Madigan (Brisbane Cycling Club)
4th Reuben Phillips (Hamilton)
Prime Campbell Knox (Uni)

B2 Grade
1st Ben Moriarty (Uni)
2nd Andrew Mackenzie (Brisbane Cycling Club)
3rd Marek Marchewa (Hamilton)
4th Patrick Whittle (Uni)
Prime Patrick Whittle

C1 Grade
1st Dylan Cope (Hamilton)
2nd Matt Busittil (Hamilton)
3rd Michael Nelson (Hamilton)
4th Nick Rinaudo (Hamilton)
Prime Nick Rinaudo

C2 Grade
1st Ethan Lang (Hamilton)
2nd Ian Murdoch (Hamilton)
3rd Geoff Prendergast (Hamilton)
4th Rod Millard (Hamilton)
5th Gary Alcorn (Hamilton) 

Junior Handicap (Junior vs Seniors)
1st Bella Phillips (Hamilton)
2nd Maggie Egan (B grade)
3rd Jim Collins (C Grade)
4th Lachy Sinclair (A Grade)