7th Sep 2019 Lakeside Reverse Hilltop Finish Results

A Grade  
1     BAIN, Clinton (Moreton Bay Cycling Club)
2     VENTER, Hannes (Hamilton Wheelers)
3     KING, Shayne (Hamilton Wheelers)
4     CREABY, Mark (Hamilton Wheelers)
B1 Grade  
1     HUANG, Junjie (Moreton Bay Cycling Club)
2     BOSCHMA, Nathan (Hamilton Wheelers)
3     SCOTT, Peter (Brisbane Cycling Club)
4     HOHN, Shayne (Brisbane Cycling Club)
Prime SCOTT, Peter (Brisbane Cycling Club)
B2 Grade  
1     ALERS, Craig (Hamilton Wheelers)
2     GRIFFITHS, Xander (Balmoral Cycle Club)
3     MACKENZIE, Andrew (Brisbane Cycling Club)
4     BROWN, Jim (Sunshine Coast CC)
C1 Grade  
1     MCINTOSH, Harvey (Hamilton Wheelers)
2     PEDDLE, Nicholas (Hamilton Wheelers)
3     RINAUDO, Nick (Hamilton Wheelers)
4 MARTY, Chris (Hamilton Wheelers)
C2 Grade  
1     PADDISON, Ava (Hamilton Wheelers)

Harvey McIntosh winning C1 at the top of the hill

Followed by Nicholas Peddle

B1 Finish Junjie, the Bosch, and Peter Scott

B1 close for 2nd

A Grade

B1 Grade

B2 Grade

C1 Grade