2019 Interclub Series Round 3 Results and Overall Points

We Won!

Firstly, a huge thank you to Gary, Matt and the Sunshine Coast Cycling Club for hosting the final round of the Interclub Series at North Arm this morning. The morning’s racing was hotly contested and, to the best of my knowledge, went off without incident. It was my first time racing at North Arm and it really is a great course.
We had a small group of motivated and committed Hamilton members make the trip North to defend our overall lead in the series. Our A and B grade riders dug deep, but were largely outgunned by the Sunshine Coast and Uni boys. However, our C/D women (Maggie Egan), C- (Phil Jones, Michael Hayter) and D-grade (Harvey McIntosh, Nick Rinaudo, Wayne Wilson) men found their way onto the podium. Thanks to everyone who turned out for this morning’s event and for racing with such great spirit and club pride.
I don’t have the final points tally on hand, but I am pleased to say that, at the end of the morning’s racing, Hamilton retained the lead and took the top honours for the series. Thanks to the clubs' volunteers who have worked behind the scenes to pull these events together and to the UQCC, HWCC and SCCC riders who competed in one or more of these races. Without your respective contributions and commitment, these events would never get off the ground.
Wishing you all the best for the rest of the 2019 and we look forward to doing it all again in 2020.

Points Score:
After Round 1:
UQCC: 480
HWCC: 510
SCCC: 60
After Round 2:
UQCC: 640
HWCC: 980
SCCC: 230
After Round 3:
UQCC: 790  
HWCC: 1250
SCCC: 720  

P.S. Thanks to Roger McIntosh and Matthew Smart for the photos

Third Round Results:

A Grade men:
  • First: Ryan Cavanagh (SCCC)
  • Second: Alastair Mackellar (SCCC)
  • Third: Kyle Godson (UQCC)
  • Fourth: Taj Jones (SCCC)
  • Fifth: Tim Hucker  (SCCC)
B Grade men:
  • First: Dylan Lunn (SCCC)
  • Second: Gary McLennan (SCCC)
  • Third: Oeystein    Skjelbred (UQCC)
  • Fourth: Hugo Thompson (UQCC)
  • Fifth: Craig Smith (SCCC)
A-B Grade ladies:
  • First: Maddy Lambooy (SCCC)
  • Second: Wendy Young (SCCC)
  • Third: Veronica    Lebedev (SCCC)
C Grade men:
  • First: Lawrie Cranley (UQCC)
  • Second: Michael Hayter (Hamilton)
  • Third: Phil Jones (Hamilton)
  • Fourth: Jarrod Fox (SCCC)
  • Fifth: Michael Nelson (Hamilton)
D Grade men:
  • First: Harvey McIntosh (Hamilton)
  • Second: Nick Rinaudo (Hamilton)
  • Third: Wayne Wilson (Hamilton)
  • Fourth: St.John Herbert (UQCC)
  • Fifth: Thomas Rothlisberger (Hamilton)
C-D Grade ladies:
  • First: Lenka Stratford-Smith (SCCC)
  • Second: Maggie Egan (Hamilton)
  • Third: Shar-Lee Duffy (SCCC)
  • Fourth: Kylie Burkwood (SCCC)
  • Fifth: Isabelle Burkwood (SCCC)