12 Oct 2019 Nundah Results

Chief Commissaire: Saskia Deckers
Marshalls: Marshall Cusworth, Terry Miller
Finish: Col Howkins
Rego: William Masson, Gary Alcorn
First Aid: A1 First Aid
Special thanks to our volunteers for standing out in the cold and wet conditions so we could race!

*NOTE: No grading points were allocated due to less than 10 riders per grade*

Junior HCAP
1    GEDGE-DIAZ, Silvia (Moreton Bay Cycling Club)
2    BRYAN, Samuel (Hamilton Wheelers)
3    JOHNSON, Henry (Hamilton Wheelers)

Juniors and Coach Kris Kersley

C1 Grade
1    KAYS, Paul (Balmoral Cycle Club)
2    LANG, Ethan (Hamilton Wheelers)
3    WIGHT, Jordan (Hamilton Wheelers)
4    MAGUIRE, John (Hamilton Wheelers)

B2 Grade
1    ALERS, Craig (Hamilton Wheelers)
2    LANG, Alastair (Hamilton Wheelers)
3    SMART, Matthew (Hamilton Wheelers)
4    WEIS, Gary (Hamilton Wheelers)

B1 Grade
1    THOMAS, James (Bundaberg Cycling Club)
2    ROSLAN, Izzat (University of Queensland CC)
3    TSEN, Ren bao (Hamilton Wheelers)

A Grade
1    VESELY, Damien (Brisbane Cycling Club)
2    PATTEN, Andrew (Hamilton Wheelers)
3    SCULLY, Michael (Hamilton Wheelers)