12 Sep 2020 Ted Alexander Memorial Handicap Results

It was a fun mornings racing, the rain stayed away but the wind was strong. Many memories of Ted were shared and it was great to see so many of his family travel to the race to remember Ted and the sport he enjoyed so much.

Full results to come, but here's a summary

Division 2 (1 lap ) Results
1st and F/T Karen Forster 1:01:28  (RaceYaMate Licence)
2nd Rene Lubbers (HWCC)
3rd Andrea Alexander (HWCC)
4th Kerry Wilson (HWCC)
5th Luke Bradley (HWCC)
6th Suz Davis (HWCC)
7th Les Preston  (HWCC)
8th Trish Sutton-Davies (HWCC)
9th Mick Wilkinson (HWCC)

Division 1 (2 lap) Results 
1st Liam Bradley (HWCC)
2nd Grant Cowan (HWCC)
3rd Eoin McDowell (HWCC)
4th Warren Forbes (HWCC)
5th Wayne Wilson (HWCC)
F/T Hannes Venter 1:34:50 (HWCC)