2023 Battle of the Arses Results - Sat 18th February Nundah

We Won!

Grade Club 1 2 3 4 Prime     #Riders Total  Points Progress    Points
A HWCC 1     1       30   70
  UQCC   1 1   1     30   80
B HWCC   1 1 1       24   90
  UQCC 1       1     30   60
C HWCC 1     1 1     26   80
  UQCC   1 1         24   70
D HWCC 1 1 1 1 1     14   150
  UQCC               4   0
A/B HWCC   1 1 1 1     11   100
Women UQCC 1             8   50
C/D HWCC 1 1 1 1 1     10   150
Women UQCC               5   0
Total Riders                 216    
Points HWCC 200 160 120 120 40       640 640
  UQCC 100 80 60 0 20       260 260
Points Value   50 40 30 20 10          

Womens A/B
1 Emily Fowler UQ
2 Jemma Brown HW
3 Quinn Findlay HW
4 Tannae Rafter HW
Prime Jemma Brown HW

Mens A 
1 Alex Grunke HW
2 Finn Walsh UQ
3 Max Campbell UQ
4 Joe Perkins HW
Prime Max Campbell UQ

Mens B
1 Richard Dyer UQ
2 Finn Sleigh HW
3 Jason McNulty HW
4 Adam Barnes HW
Prime James Nitis UQ

Womens C/D
1 Neve Parslow HW
2 Julie Catlin HW
3 Katherine Cole HW
4 Kirstin Leech HW
Prime Sheridan Cavdarski

Mens C 
1 Gerry Forde HW
2 Greg Job UQ
3 Jeda Hutchison UQ
4 Justin McDean HW
Prime Justin McDean HW

Mens D
1 Matt Smart HW
2 Warren Jones HW
3 Michael Turnbull HW
4 Jason Kennedy HW
Prime Michael Turnbull HW

Club Captain's Report

Shout out to all University of Queensland and Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club members who supported the annual Battle of the Aarses interclub event at Nundah this morning. We had more than 210 riders nominate from our two clubs to compete in the 6 graded races and both clubs did their part to animate the morning’s festivities. It was especially good to be able to hold a separate Women's A/B race along with our Women's C/D race. Thanks for your support ladies and thanks to our Ladies Captains for being such fantastic ambassadors of the sport!
The racing was fast, fair, and contested by all riders in the spirit of the event. Both clubs should be proud of their representation today but, as the final races concluded, it was the Hamilton Wheelers who came out on top; scoring 650 points to Uni's 250 points. Previous to 2021, Hamilton had only won this event once (in 2011), but have now won it three years on the trot. Congratulations Team!! 
Special thanks must go to all the UQCC and HWCC volunteers who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes (and today) to make this event possible; especially Julian Del Beato and Bear Liang from UQCC and Kim Flesser, Ceran Nilsen, and Adam Harrison from HWCC. Also, it would be remiss of me not to thank Mick Young for looking after the presentations (and so much more!) and Taya Walters who did a great job on the coffee machine keeping the crowds caffeinated and hydrated. ???
Thanks also to our incredible commissaires who oversaw today’s races, our volunteers who looked after the sign-on desk and marshalled the corners, the great group of spectators who came out and made a morning of it, and our club men and women who stayed back to tidy up after the day’s events.
The club is racing at Lakeside next Saturday and, of course, the Sizzling Summer Criterium is on Sunday:
Hope to see you at one or both events next weekend. Until then, ride safe!
Mick Cole