Sat 6th May 2023 - HW, UQCC, Lifecycle Interclub Round 1 Results

Grade University of Qld Hamilton Wheelers  Lifecycle
A Grade Men 22 8  
B Grade Men 14 16  
C Grade Men 20 10  
D Grade Men 6 24  
A/B Grade Women 7 8  
C/D Grade Women 5 10  
TOTAL 74 76  

We received a massive 195 entries for our first of three interclub races against UQCC and Lifecycle on Saturday at Nundah.

The racing was great with nice weather and safe riding. You'll find lots of photos and the results on our club Facebook group. Our resident professional photographer Stu Allen also has some great shots - Click Here

A Grade - 37 starters. A tough race with lots of break-aways. Good job by Alex Grunke for his 2nd place and 8 points for Hamilton. Unfortunately Uni were stronger, grabbing 22 points.

B Grade - 48 starters. Uni always have a very strong B grade team in all interclub races. However, they weren't able to beat a determined Brad Windram in a fast sprint to bring home the bacon for Hamilton. Nice job by Rory Larsson for his 3rd place also. 16 points to HWCC and 14 to Uni.

C Grade - 45 starters. Our Ethan Close made a clean solo break and rode away for many laps to record a magnificent win. Uni were able to pick up all the remaining points. 10 points for HWCC and 20 to Uni.

D Grade -  32 starters. As usual, Hamilton had full compliment of 20 riders and outnumbered the other two teams. However Uni and Lifecycle put up a very tough fight and we weren't able to have our own way in this cat and mouse contest. Well done to our Steve Pilsen for the sprint win, closely followed by Arthur Puie. Luc McCann took out 4th place and the prime. HWCC 24 points, Uni 6 points.

Want to relive the D Grade race? Stuart Kerr has put together a nice video of the race action highlights - Click Here 

Women's C/D - 21 starters. Our HWCC ladies didn't disappoint! While we missed out on the win, Tannae Rafter, Morgan Farley and Mhari Hughes grabbed all the remaining points. 10 points to HWCC and 5 to Uni.

Women's A/B - 9 starters. Nice work by the team captain Julie Catlin for her 2nd place and to Britt Dutton finishing right right behind her (also picking up the prime). 8 points for HWCC and 7 for Uni.

Team Captains - Thank you to Mick Cole, Dave Wadsworth, Chris Barnes, Mick Turnbull, Tannae Rafter and Julie Catlin for agreeing to be our HWCC team captains. Race plans are always difficult to execute perfectly - but we seemed to do OK. However, a Lifecycle rider did complement our D grade team for our excellent race plan. I thanked him and said, "yeah...but that wasn't the plan we agreed on before the race!" 

Final Results - Unfortunately the Lifecycle club didn't provide much work for the scorers; but Hamilton and Uni finished very, very close. 76 points for us and 74 points to Uni. With just 2 points separating the clubs, the remainder of the series looks to be a very closely fought contest.

Enter the remaining rounds now - 

* Enter race 2 - (Road Race at Elimbah - 17th June),  -

* Enter race 3 - (Reverse Direction Criterium at Nundah - 9th July), -

Kim Flesser (Fless)
HWCC Interclub Race Secretary