Sat 17th June 2023 Interclub Series Round 2 Elimbah Results

Womens A/B 1st Quinn Findlay HW, 2nd Neve Parslow Lifecycle, 3rd Abby McLain, 4th Julie Catlin, 5th Emily Yorkston UQ

Womens C/D L-R Julz Rowan 2nd HW, Claire Duffy 1st UQ, Mhari Hughes 3rd HW, Kirstin Leech 4th HW

A grade L-R Rhys Armstrong 4th HW, Jack McKinkstry 2nd UQ, Jackson Medway 1st HW, James Hollonds 3rd UQ

B Grade L-R Murray McClymont 4th HW, James Nitis 2nd UQ, Henry Vickers 1st (UQ apparently?) , Alex Shadbolt 3rd HW, Michael Hayter 4th HW

C Grade L-R Gerry Forde 4th HW, Grant Rowan 2nd HW, Adrian Shalley 1st UQ, John Pearson 3rd HW, Fletcher Medway 5th HW

D Grade Zerui Wang 2nd UQ, Riccardo Barban 1st HW, Chris Marty 3rd HW, Steve Muir 4th HW

By Kim Flesser (Fless)
HWCC Interclub Race Secretary

It was a cold start to our club's round of this year's Interclub Series race against the UQ and Lifecycle clubs at Elimbah on Saturday.

We had 113 starters for the 4 men's and 2 women's races. All race distances were 2 laps - 56km.

While the course certainly isn't as mountainous as our Pine Dam or Somerset Dam courses, the climbing and constant attacks took their toll on quite a few riders.

There was excitement around the course when many spectators were under the impression our supreme leader and C Grade Captain, Willow, had broken away from his race. Turns out he had decided to oversee his team from the back...a long way back!

The A Grade race was extremely fast, with the field breaking up many times. In the end our Jackson Medway took out the maximum points for the club with a fine win. Great effort by Rhys Armstrong for his 3rd place in the super strong field.

B Grade saw a huge bunch finish with UQCC coming out on top. Alex Shadbolt, Murray McClymont and Michael Hayter picked up valuable points for the club, taking out 3rd to 5th placings.

C Grade saw us dominating the podium...except for the top! Anyway, well done to Grant Rowan, John Pearson, Gerry Forde and Fletcher Medway for picking up all the minor points. It was a great effort by our U17 rider Fletcher, who hasn't been racing very long and doing so well in a pretty hot field.

The D Grade race was dominated by Hamilton riders, with only one Lifecycle and one UQ rider. However they weathered the constant attacks by our riders to still manage some of the minor placings. Well done to Riccardo Barban for his win and our D Grade Captain Chris Marty for his 3rd place, with Steve Muir coming in 5th.

While the two women's races only saw small fields, the racing was very close. Our Quinn Findlay was first across the line in a sprint finish in the A/B race, with Abby McLain and Julie Catlin also picking up points for us. Well done to Neve Parslow of the Lifecycle club (HWCC add-on member) for her close second place behind Quinn.

In the Women's C/D race we missed out on the win, but our Julz RowanMhari Hughes and Kirsten Leech picked up all the minor placings.

The end result was that Hamilton Wheelers was able to extend our 2 point lead in the competition

University Of Qld CC 132
Hamilton Wheelers 161
Lifecycle 6