20th Aug 2023 Club ITT Championship

Road Race Club Championship Elimbah - Saturday 2nd September. ENTER HERE
Criterium Club Championship - Saturday 23rd September. ENTER HERE

Club Championship Events

(a)    The Club Championship events are conducted in 3 events, Road Race, Time Trial and Criterium and in each of the current club grades i.e. A Grade, B Grade etc. (January 2020) As such, they do not form part of the Winter Aggregate point score, but are scored on the following basis in each of the three events.
First         10 points plus Gold Medal
Second   6 points plus Silver Medal
Third        4 points plus Bronze Medal
Start        1 point
Finish      1 point. Perform rostered duty 2 points.
Commissaire 4 points (2018 AGM)

(b)  A special “Champion's” jersey is awarded to the rider in each category with the highest aggregate points and who has competed in all of the three club championship events. There must be more than one rider, in each championship event, (Feb 2019) in the category for a jersey to be awarded. In the event if a tie, the winner is determined by the greater number of highest places. If a deadlock on highest places exists, then the rider with the fastest time in the ITT wins (Sept 2021) Primary Club members only are eligible for Club Championship points. Add On members may participate and may receive podium recognition only (June 2023)