Sunday 23 June 2024 Woongoolba ITT Results

23 June 2024 Woongoolba ITT Results

We had a computer failure and had to revert to using a mobile phone for timing, and we mistakenly awarded incorrect podiums for A & B Grade.
Apologies to Nathan Campbell and Robert Franklin in A grade, your 2nd & 3rd placings were swapped. In B grade 3rd place was Stuart McDonald, and not Steve Lewis. Apologies to both riders for the mix up.

We had planned to have our electronic timing system in place for this event but the RFID tags went missing in the post. Hopefully for the next event all will be working smoothly.

Thanks to all our volunteers for helping out on a cold morning!

A Grade (photoshopped!)

B Grade (3rd place Stuart McDonald Missing)

C Grade

D Grade

M&N (Masters and Novices) Grade