HPRW featured strongly in the results from the Masters Track Champs at Chandler on the weekend. Some highlights:

Divison 6 Mens 500m TT
1st Peter Gumbley 38.25

Div 3 Mens 666m TT
2nd Gary Kristensen
3rd Kevin McLean

Paracycling mens kilo
1st Jason Oates

Paracycling mens 3000m IP
1st Jason Oates

Div 3 Men's 3000m IP
1st Gary Kristensen
4th Andy Patten

Div 6&7 Men's 2000m IP
1st Peter Gumbley

Div 3&4 Women's 2000m UP
1st Sharon Bolter

Div 9 Men's 2000m IP
1st Tony Bolter (SCCC but we'll claim him!)

Full results are on the CQ results page

Some photos thanks to TC on his flickr page