Here is a  video of some of the A grade race and here is the C grade video.

A & C Grades preparing to race

A – Grade, Points Race

Starters 53
=1st Chris Williams BCRI
=1st Adrian Booth FFAST
3rd Andrew Gerber FFAST
4th Stuart Mulhern HPRW
1st Lady Nikolina Orlic HPRW
A Grade

B – Grade, Points Race

Starters 57
1st Rick Banaszczyk Uni
=2nd Brian O’Connell FFAST
=2nd Justin Claridge Uni
=2nd Mark Enter HPRW
5th Mitch Legear??? Lifecycle  (I'm not sure of the spelling please let me know)
1st Lady Hayley Jones Balmoral
B Grade Podium

C - Grade, Points Race

Starters 51
1st Tony Delisser HPRW
2nd Iain Hodge Ipswich
3rd Phil Jones HPRW
4th Peter Allonby HPRW
=5th Courtenay Dutton DCRR
=5th Gabe Petrie HPRW
C Grade

D – Grade, Scratch race

Starters 8
1st Adam Keachie DCRR
2nd Tom Macindoe HPRW
3rd CJ O’Brien HPRW
4th John Birtwistle HPRW

E Grade, Scratch Race

Starters 5
1st Roger Bower HPRW
2nd Phil Gibson HPRW
3rd Trent Moloney HPRW
4th Glen Dexter HPRW
Total Riders: 174