Thanks to Kevin Coppalotti from SCCC for the results, info and photos below.

Our own shutterbug Nick Shultz also has some shots on his flickr photo page.

Congrats to HPRW riders today at Interclub Eumundi who despite the overwhelming numbers in favour of the Sunshine Coast still managed to attain a respectable 94 points and are well placed to take the lead at the next interclub round at Lakeside. 98 riders attended, only 3 from Ipswich.

A Grade
Richard Brownhill (HPRW)
Jeff Liddell (SCCC)
Craig Gibbs (SCCC)
Dahl Drew (SCCC)

B Grade
Andrew Patten (HPRW)
Tim De Vries (SCCC)
Mick Patton (SCCC)
Steve Schultz (HPRW)

C Grade
Brendan Hill (SCCC)
Kim Flesser (HPRW)
Daniel White (HPRW)
John Ward (HPRW)

D Grade
Keith Parker (HPRW)
Ron Young (HPRW)
Scott Smith (HPRW)
Des Shutkowski (HPRW)

Juniors. ALL sunny coast, adding 29 points to the SCCC tally

Points tally after one round

Photo gallery here: