10 Sept Tour de Nundah

The teams racing organised by Kim Flesser was a big hit. A very strong and chilly headwind was blowing along the main straight making it very tough. In A grade a 3 man break consisting of James Hepburn and Nic from Jayco-2XU and John Murazak (QSM) got away early on and worked super hard to eventually lap the remaining riders. These riders sprinted for 4th and 5th and then were withdrawn to allow the 3 in the breakaway to sprint for the win with Nic narrowly beating John.
C grade was a very competitive and hard fought race with many attempted breakaways and riders yo-yoing off the back in the wind, but it all came down to a sprint finish.
B grade was similar with breakaways not lasting much more than a lap, being chased down by other teams and the wind slowing progress for a small group. Uni got both primes, the first one by a tyre from Matt Powell HPRW. A small group of 5 got away with only a few minutes remaining and just stayed away with Uni, Ascot and Data3 taking the top 3 slots.
Thanks again to Fless, the Nundah Festival for adding some prize money, and all the officials, volunteers and marshalls who put up with the cold windy conditions.

Here are the results, and I'll put up a short video compilation tomorrow.

A Grade Teams Race
1st Jayco-2XU (1st,3rd & Both Primes)
2nd QSM (2nd place)
3rd Tinelli
1st Nic Dougall (Jayco-2XU)
2nd John Murazak (QSM)
3rd James Hepburn (Jayco-2XU)
Prime 1 Nic Dougall
Prime 2 James Hepburn

B Grade Teams Race
1st Uni CC (9 points)
2nd Ascot Catering (5 points)
3rd Data3 Cisco Capilano (3 points)
1st John Hickson (Uni CC)
2nd Andrew McFarlane (Ascot Catering)
3rd ? Bonner (Data3 Cisco Capilano)
4th Scott Barr (HPRW B)
? Mullins (Both Primes)
First Female Rachael Edwards (UNI)

C Grade Teams Race
1st Ascot Catering
2nd Uni CC
3rd Aspley Bike Hub

1st Glenn Searle (Uni CC)
2nd Phil Jones (Ascot Catering)
3rd Cameron Caldwell (HPRW Red)
5th Paul Kobez (HPRW Red)

Ascot C Team at the Nundah Festival with Fless

D Grade Individual Scratch Race
1st Jane Armes (3 day licence)
2nd Kevin Swan (DCC)
3rd Gary Foothead (HPRW)
4th Geoff Predergast (HPRW)
Lachlan Maloney (HPRW)
Patrick Hughes (HPRW)
Ty Powell (HPRW)