Click here for some photos from today. The first photos are a sequence of shots from the B grade sprint won by Ron Boyle

Points Score

Points Scores

ClubRound 1Round 2Total


1 Rory Bown (SCCC)

2 Henry Parkin (SCCC)

3 Zak Leask  (SCCC)



1 Daniel Fitter (SCCC)

2 Eric Vejby     (SCCC)



1 Ryan Cavangh (SCCC)

2 Mandy Holcombe (SCCC)

3 Aidan Leask (SCCC)


A Grade
1 Peter Thompson (Ipswich)
2 Mick Manson (HPRW)
3 Mat Tape (HPRW)
4 Richard Brownhill (HPRW)
Prime Peter Thompson
Numbers in Race 20, HPRW , 5 SCCC, 3 Ipswich

B Grade
1 Ron Boyle (SCCC)
2 Anthony Hawkins (HPRW)
3 Michael Smith (HPRW)
4 Kim Flesser (HPRW)
Prime Graeme Spender (HPRW)
First Woman Donna Fyfe (HPRW)
Numbers in race: 35, 27 HPRW, 6 SCCC, 2 Ipswich

C Grade
1 David Roest (HPRW)
2 Ben Flanagan (HPRW)
3 William Tape (HPRW)
4 Eric Dousi (HPRW)
First Woman Mel Symon (HPRW)
Prime William Tape (HPRW)

Numbers in race: 30 total, 14 HPRW, 12 SCCC, 4 Ipswich

D Grade
1 Trevor Reeves (HPRW)
2 Bob Giger (HPRW)
3 Lindsay Green (HPRW)
4 Ron Young (HPRW)
First Woman Sonia Waller (SCCC)
NumberS in race: 14 Total, 12 HPRW, 1 SCCC, 1 Ipswich