A Grade
1 Simon Meyer MBCC
2 Mick Manson HPRW
3 Matt Ryan HPRW
4 P Morgan ADCC
B Grade
1 Greg Sakzewski HPRW
2 Bruce Dickson HPRW
3 Marek Marchewa HPRW
4 Alan Jones HPRW
C Grade
1 Lee Robson 3 Ride Licence
2 Howard Cameron HPRW
3 Steve Watson HPRW
4 Peter Reggars HPRW
1st Lady Brittany Dutton HPRW
D Grade
1 Alan Absolom HPRW
2 John Birtwhistle HPRW
3 Peter Alexander HPRW
4 Maggie Egan HPRW
E Grade
1 Bob McIntyre
Thanks again to all our volunteers for helping out with marshalling, start/finish, follow vehicles, permits,
comissaires, results, memberships, uniforms etc. And thanks Maria for organising some of the potholes
to be filled in!