Handicap Road Race - Elimbah - Saturday 7th July 2012

This is how I saw it from the lead car. Soon after half way through the first lap after the turnaround, 2 riders got away over the hills on Powell Rd, getting up to 40 seconds ahead along Twin View Rd where there was a heavy and windy shower. 3km later it was down to 20 secs, and then by the turnaround at the end of lap one they had 10 seconds. Soon after the turnaround they were caught, the lead bunch now consisting of  around 12 riders.
The third group who left 4 minutes behind GO had caught the two leading groups and formed a strong group including  Paul Worrall and Brittany Dutton from the 2 min group. This group stayed together and looked like most were pulling turns. There were a few stragglers riding on their own and then 3 minutes behind was the 5th group (9 mins) and the combined chopping block and scratch group were 7 mins behind the leaders.
On the second lap there were a few more showers and windy conditions, at at the last turn around (46km mark) there were 2 riders 1m30 behind the lead pack of 12, then 8 riders mostly from the 9 minute group at 2 mins behind, a few solo riders or 2 together and then scratch/chopping block 5 minutes behind.
The first 4 all came from the strong group of 12, Paul and Brittany doing very well to finish strongly with them. The 9 minute group finished around 1m50s behind the winners with scratch arriving 3m14s with a fastest time by Gary Kristensen.
Division 1 2 laps (64km)
1 Howard Cameron (4 min group)
2 Jason Walters (4 min group)
3 Stephen Watson (4 min group)
4 Paul Worrall (2 min group)
First Lady Brittany Dutton (2 min group)
Fastest Time Gary Kristensen 1h39m50s
GO (15 min handicap)
Richard Herklots
Bruce Gray
Gail Singleton
Lisa Dineen
Steve Froome
Scott Smith
Brad Tamer
Stephen Hay
Tinelic Jepkemm

2 mins (13 min handicap)
Peter Allonby
Rob McConaghy
Graeme Woolnough
Paul Worrall
Peter Reggars
Andrew Charles
Jim Collins
Brittany Dutton
Phillipa Hendren
4 min (11 min handicap)
Howard Cameron
Stephen Watson
Ian Murdoch
Jason Walters
Bryan Ferris
Joseph Hughes
Kim Flesser
John Chapman
Tony Bolter
Trent Forrest

6 min (9 min handicap)
Brnley Abad
Shane Wharton
Andre Adins
Paul Brennan
Chris Print
Brian McCarthy
Brad Dutton
Donna Fyfe
9 mins (6 min handicap)
Paul Willett
Warren Forbes
Michael Archer
Francois Audibert
Lee Robson
Nathan Boschma
Brendan Smythe
James Jackson
Jack McCarthy
Scott Petterson
12 mins (3 min handicap)
Nigel Hardie
Joris Van Der Tang
Alex Lange
Steve Grieg
Alan Jones
Anthony Zahra
Chris Carrigan
Scratch 15 mins
Simon Meyer
Toby Hood
Gary Kristensen
Shane Hendren
John Murazak
Division 2 - 1 lap (32km)
1 Ted Alexander
2 Glenn Dexter
3 Lyn Bridge
Fastest Time Ted Alexander 1h00m32s
Bob McIntyre
1 min
Helen Young
3 mins
John Birtwhistle
Vince Amos
6 mins
Ric Svanberg
Lyn Bridge
Peter Alexander
Terahk Clements
Peter Campbell
Ron Young
Glenn Dexter
Martin Wright
Ted Alexander
Under 13
1st – Aidon Clements
2nd – Clinton Fraser
3rd – Jason Garside (MBCC)
4th – Zac Sheridon
5th – Sean Minor
Under 15’s
1st – Brodie Slade
2nd – Darien Zahra
Congratulations to Terahk Clements for his first start in Div 2  at Elimbah !
THANK YOU TO ALL the parents who supported the juniors at Elimbah –Calli & Nathan for overseeing the juniors – Great Job!.
And to the parent Chaperones – Good work!