2012 Frank Papp Memorial Handicap - Somerset Dam

For anyone who didn't know him, Frank was a club member who passed away in an accident while
riding last year. Frank was the sort of bloke who made you feel like you'd known him for years, only a
few minutes after meeting him and he is missed by all who knew and rode with him. Frank loved riding
huge distances training for audax rides and Paris-Brest-Paris, so it's only fitting that the longest and hardest
race of the year is held in his memory.
44 riders entered the 100km Division 1 race with 6 handicapped groups all leaving 6 minutes apart. I started
in what turned out to be the winning group, but as I only lasted 10km I can't give much of a race report sorry!
Full timing results as an Excel file (thanks to Richard and Angus for manning the iPads)
Lots more photos on our Facebook page (currently members only)
Division 1 Frank Papp Memorial (2 laps)
1st Jack McCarthy   2h37m42s
2nd Adam Robinson S/T
3rd Shane Wharton
4th Simone Grounds
Fastest Time Chris Williams 2h24m54s
Here's some shots of the winning sprint!
Div 1 Winners, L-R Chris,Adam,Jack,Shane,Simone
Divison 2 (1 lap)
1st  John Birtwhistle
2nd Michael Maguire (Fastest Time of 1h21m51s)
3rd Ron Young
4th  Alan Rielly
Ron Young and John Birtwhistle
Special thanks go to all our officials and volunteers for helping out and effectively giving up their entire day so we can all race. To Terry Bourne for the difficult job of handicapping everyone, to John Madigan for commissaire dutys, and all our other volunteers - (edit) Paul Dahl, Angus Eale, Darren Evans, Bruce Edge ,Bruce Gray, Cam Hill, Helen Young, Richard Brownhill, Gary Alcorn, Laurie Kelly and Phil Gibson. We were struggling to get enough rostered helpers, but a quick call for help meant we had more than enough.