Twilight Series Round 2 Wed 5th Dec 2012

Overall Series Points (click to open in a new window)
Junior A Grade Boys & Girls
1 Patrick Hughes
2 Aidon Clements
3 Terahk Clements
4 Zac Sheridan
Junior B Grade Boys & Girls
1 Ryan Elder (balmoral)
2 and First Lady - Jorja Guyatt
3 Joey McLure
4 Sean Minor
Junior C Grade Boys & Girls
1 Bennett Boyd
2 Marly Harrison
3 Michael Murray
Total - 15 Riders

B1 Grade Points Race (43 riders)
1 Shannon Duggan UNI 11 points
2 Brynley Abad HPRW 10 points
3 Dave Shelberg Balmoral 7 points
4 Darren Croad HPRW 6 points
5 Scott Mitchell UNI 4 points
First Lady Rachel Edwards (UNI)
Most Aggressive Shannon (c'mere I'll do ya!) Duggan
Lap     Rider           #
1 Shannon Duggan
2 Shannon Duggan
3 Brynley Abad
4 Shannon Duggan
5 Keith Stanhope
6 Darren Croad
7 Tyson Croll
8 Alan Jones
9 Scott Mitchell
10 Scott Mitchell
11 Brynley Abad
12 Dave Shelberg
13 Sky Ward
14 Darren Croad
15 Brynley Abad
16 David White
17 Shannon Duggan
18 Darren Croad
19 Stephen Lowe
Final Sprint
First Dave Shelberg
Second Brynley Abad
Third Shannon Duggan
Fourth C McDonald
Fifth Michael Resin(?)
Last Lap
1 Dave Shelberg (Balmoral)
2 Brynley Abad (HPRW)
3 Shannon Duggan (UNI)
4 C. McDonald (FFAST)
5 Michael Resin(?)
Shannon Duggan went from the gun getting the first two laps solo into a very stiff headwind on the straight.
Bryn Abad got the third and from there was some very entertaining and hard fought sprints, the heat and wind
meant it took a while to recover after making big efforts. Darren Croad and Scott Mitchell both got two sprints
each with the rest shared evenly among other riders. Both Bryn and Shannon recovered well to get another one
in the bag before it came together for a big bunchy. Dave Shelberg came first, but Bryn and Shannon finished
second and third lifting them well clear on points.
Bryn and Shannon in the final sprint
B1 Podium

C Grade (34 riders)
1 Mark Brooks Balmoral
2 Peter Jansen FFAST
3 Phil Jones HPRW
4 Steve Watson HPRW
5 Kim Flesser HPRW
Prime Paul Bales Balmoral
First Lady Lyn Bridge HPRW
C Grade Podium

B Grade (52 riders)
1 Mark Hastie MBCC
2 jack Richard FFAST
3 Shane Spence TRC
4 Alex Grunke UNI
5 Mark Watts UNI
6 Jane Walker HPRW
Prime Shane Spence TRC
B grade group
B Grade Podium
A Grade (37 riders)
1 Mal Rudolph FCCC
2 Peter Thompson Ipswich
3 Sam Volkers FFAST
4 Sam Wood Balmoral
5 Hadleigh Milligan UNI
Prime Sam Volkers FFAST
The A grade race was aggressive with lots of breaks going for a lap or 3. A strong mid race break of Nick Woods
(Balmoral), Sam Volkers (FFAST), Nicolas Dougall (FFAST) and triathlete Dan Wilson (HPRW) looked good for 5
or 6 laps and then Dutchman Jasper Ockeleon bridged across, and they got out to 15 seconds just before Sam
took the prime, but they were slowly reeled in. Nick Woods and Dan Wilson went again, but it was all together
again after 30 minutes. Nick Woods and Matt Williams got away again for a while, as did Peter Garonne, but
nothing was going to stop the sprinters setting it up, with twilight veterans Mal Rudolph and Peter Thompson
finishing them off.
Early A break, Nick, Sam, Nicolas, Dan

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