March 13th 2013 Nundah

Lots of photos taken by Anthony Zahra who filled in as a marshall at the last minute are up on our facebook group but a few are down below. Thanks again Antz!
A Grade Points Race (30 riders)
1 Matt Ryan (HPRW) 23 points
2 Sam Volkers (Balmoral) 14 points
3 Tom Collier (Ipswich) 14 points
4 Patrick Weinrauch (HPRW) 6 points

B Grade (41 riders)
1 Greg Sakzewski (Cycd)
2 Adam Pelzer (Lifecycle)
3 Brent Winston (CATS)
4 James Jackson (HPRW)
Prime Luke Cunningham (HPRW)
First Lady Donna Fyfe (HPRW)

C1 Grade (35 riders)
1 Tim Bartlett (HPRW)
2 Scott Meredith (Balmoral)
3 Clinton Boin(?) (MBCC)
4 Jim Murphy (HPRW)
First Lady Trish Sutton-Davies (HPRW)
C2 Grade Points Race (13 riders)
1 Bruce Gray (HPRW)
2 Jeanette Davidson (HPRW)
3 Glenn Dexter (HPRW)
4 J. Woodhouse (HPRW)
D Grade (11 riders)
1 Mark Wright (HPRW)
2 Jenni Eason (HPRW)
3 Karen Forster (HPRW)
E Grade (5 riders)
1 Roger Bower (HPRW)
2 Vince Amos (HPRW)
3 Mick Wilkinson (HPRW)
Juniors A Grade
1 Maddison Dillon
Juniors B Grade
1 Tim Forster
2 Joseph McLune
3 Michael Murray
4 Christian Guyatt
5 Jorga Guyatt
6 Bennett Boyd
7 Noah Fontaine
8 Lachlan Moloney
9 Brandon Guyatt
Juniors C Grade
1 Marly Harrison
2 Jake Davidson
3 Sandon Hull
4 Jasper Moss
Chief Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Commissaires: John Madigan, Jack Carter, Darryl Baker
Race Admin/Grading: Terry Bourne
Sign-on:Greg Sakzewski, Mick Young
Start/Finish/PointsScorer: Pete Donnelly
Marshalls: John Maguire, Anthony Zahra
Special thanks to Anthony Zahra for filling in as marshall and taking lots of photos, and Greg Sak for doing his roster duty even though he's changed clubs to CYC'd!