10 Aug 2013 Nundah Results

A Grade (29 riders)
1 Matt Ryan (HPRW)
2 John Murazak (HPRW)
3 Andrew Mathiesen (Uni)
4 Alex James (Not Supplied)
Prime Paddy Weinrauch (HPRW)

B Grade (46 riders)
1 Josh Boyd (Riders)
2 Adam Pelzer (Lifecycle) 
3 Andrew Woodhouse (HPRW)
4 Keith Stanhope (KPCC)
First Lady Natalie Langer (Balmoral)
Prime Keith Stanhope (KPCC)

C1 Grade (41 riders)
1 Shane Elliot (HPRW)
2 Ryan Holmes (Lifecycle)
3 Brad Holmes (Lifecycle)
4 Kim Flesser (HPRW)
Prime Shane Elliot (HPRW)
First Lady Faye Goodyear (Lifecycle)

C2 Grade (15 riders)
1 Graeme Woolnough (HPRW)
2 Terry Cocksedge (HPRW)
3 Wayne Wilson (HPRW)
4 Ted Alexander (HPRW)
First Lady Tanya Mangold (HPRW)

D Grade (4 riders)
1 Gary Alcorn (HPRW)
2 Alan Absolom (HPRW)
3 Cynthia Garton (HPRW)
4 Lindsay Green (HPRW)

E Grade (4 riders)
1 Roger Bower (HPRW)
2 Mick Wilkinson (HPRW)
3 Laurie Kelly (HPRW)
4 Bob McIntyre (HPRW)

Chief Commissaire: Pete McDonald
Signon: Tony Thompson, Darryl Henry
Marshalls: John Woodhouse, Eric Huang, David ?

Juniors  Individual Time Trial Championship results 

Next Week Club Road Champs (members only) - Elimbah 1:30pm for seniors, Lakeside 6:45 for juniors

A Grade Podium

B Grade Sprint

The cause of the B grade crash in the sprint - snapped bars!

C1 Sprint (Shane, Ryan, Brad)

Juniors lining up for the ITT

Race faces on!