June 3rd 2017 Nundah Results

Thanks to our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire:John Madigan
Assistant Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Signon:Shaun O'Brien, Rik Taylor, Gary Alcorn
Marshalls: Mark Hayes, Michael Upton

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Womens Only Racing!

Junior B Ashton and Marly

Junior C Luke

Womens C L-R Amanda Roosmalen, Bridget Mallory, Catherine Scott, Sue Dingas

Womens D L-R Bronwyn May, Lyn Bridge, Ali Thomas, Sam Cary

D Grade L-R Roger Bower, Pete McDonald, Phil Gibson, Laurie Kelly

C1 Grade L-R Gary Ernst, Aaron Fisher, Mark Camilleri

B2 Grade L-R Daniel, Callum Dolby, Romain Lovisco, Mick Cole

B2 L-R Hugo Greenhill, James Ralph, Paul Robertson, Dave Wadsworth

A Grade L-R Mitch Neumann, Mick Bettany, Sam Volkers, Jordon Ross, Nick Miller