Bill Osbourne Memorial Handicap 10th June 2017 Results

Thanks to all our volunteers on the day:
Chief Commissaire:Rene Lubbers
Signon/Finish:Steve Schoemaker, Martina Sheehan (for Phil Kesby), Clinton Fraser, Laurie Kelly, Cameron Bailey, Trudi Whelan, Thomas Dillon
First Aid: A1 First Aid

Division 1
1st David Wadsworth (Hamilton)
2nd Connor Sherlock (Balmoral)
3rd Liam McCarthy (Kangaroo Pt)
4th Mick Manson (Hamilton)
Fastest Lady Bree Playel (Uni)
Fastest Time Connor Sherlock (Provisional - to be confirmed)

Division 2
1st Andrea Alexander (Hamilton)
2nd Phil Gibson (Hamilton)
3rd Suz Davis (Hamilton)