29th July 2017 HWCC-UQCC-SCCC Interclub Round 2 Lakeside Results

A cold morning greeted riders in round 2 of our interclub series with the Uni and Sunshine Coast Clubs at Lakeside on Saturday morning. Well done to all HWCC competitors.

C and D Grade Women - Great win by Maddie Dillon in the C grade and good work by our D grade riders. Points - D grade Women - Sunshine Coast - 5 points, HWCC - 4 points. C grade Women - HWCC 5 points, UQ 4 points.

D Grade Men - Well done to our 3 riders, Les Preston, Anthony Petit and Hugh Preston. Full points to them to help the HWCC score (we needed it!). Points - HWCC 12 points.

C Grade Men - Great break-away by our Mick Cole and Shayne King. They collected full points for the prime and the finish. Unfortunately our dedicated sprinters were done-over by the Uni and Sunshine Coast guys for the minors. Points - HWCC - 12 points, Sunshine Coast - 3 points, Uni 3 points.

B Grade Men - Nice work by Lachie Sinclair to get in a break with 4 other riders. In the end he managed to hold on to 5 place to pick up a point for us. Points - UQ - 14 points, Sunshine Coast - 3 points, HWCC - 1 point.

A Grade Men - There was good sized field in A grade with very strong riders from each club. Sunshine Coast provided Kaden Groves, who rode a fantastic solo effort for the win. Well done to Murray McClymont for his 5th place and a point for the club.Points - Sunshine Coast - 10 points, UQ - 7 points, HWCC 1 point.

Special mention to Kaden Groves who went solo early on in the A grade race and powered away for a great solo win!

So points for Saturday's racing were -

Aggregate points after round 2 are -

We will need a strong finish in round 3 to catch up to the Uni Club. Sunshine Coast will also be in full force on their home territory for the final race.

For details and to nominate for Round 3 to be held at Landsborough on Sunday 27th August - CLICK HERE.

Kim Flesser (Fless ) - HWCC Club Captain