1st June 2019 Nundah Results

Thanks again to the very dapper Tom Collier from McGrath Real Estate for sponsoring the primes at all our Nundah races. 
A Grade
1   BOTHA, Wes (Hamilton Wheelers)
2   SINCLAIR, Lachlan (Hamilton Wheelers)
3   POYNTER, Andy (Hamilton Wheelers)
4   ERNST, Gary (Hamilton Wheelers)

B1 Grade
1   FORBES, Warren (Hamilton Wheelers)
2   FORDE, Gerry (Hamilton Wheelers)
3   DAVIDSON, Peter (Brisbane Cycling Club)
4   EDGE, David (Hamilton Wheelers)
P1  EDGE, David (Hamilton Wheelers)

B2 Grade
1   ALERS, Craig (Hamilton Wheelers)
2   GEUGAN, Thibault (Kangaroo Point CC)
3   MARCHEWA, Marek (Hamilton Wheelers)
4   WHITTLE, Patrick (University of Queensland CC)
P1  COLLINS, William (University of Queensland CC)
C1 Grade
1   GIBSON, Daniel (Hamilton Wheelers)
2   WILLIAMS, Gregory (Brisbane Cycling Club)
3   MCINTOSH, Harvey (Hamilton Wheelers)
4   PEARSON, John (Hamilton Wheelers)
P1  GIBSON, Daniel (Hamilton Wheelers)

C2 Grade
1   COLLINS, Jim (Hamilton Wheelers)
2   PETTIT, Anthony (Hamilton Wheelers)
3   MILLARD, Rod (Hamilton Wheelers)
4   MURDOCH, Ian (Hamilton Wheelers)

Womens C
1   STOY, Sandra (Kangaroo Point CC)
2   EGAN, Margaret (Hamilton Wheelers)

Womens D
1   EASON, Jenni (Hamilton Wheelers)
2   ALEXANDER, Andrea (Hamilton Wheelers)
Sorry no photo!