8th June 2019 Ted Alexander Memorial Handicap

Division 1
1 Dylan Cope (Hamilton Wheelers)
2 Chris Marty (Hamilton Wheelers)
3 Chris Depalo (Uni)
4 Harvey McIntosh (Hamilton Wheelers)
Fastest Time Sam Volkers (Balmoral)
Most Combative Sam Volkers 1:35:29

Division 2
1 Trish Sutton-Davies (Hamilton Wheelers)
2 Andrea Alexander (Hamilton Wheelers)
3 Kylie Burkwood (Sunshine Coast CC)
4 Kerry Wilson (Hamilton Wheelers)
Most Combative Suz Davis (Hamilton Wheelers - Suz road the race with only one of her cycling shoes!)
Fastest Time Sue Jones (Hamilton Wheelers) 00:58:19

The inaugral Ted Alexander Memorial Handicap was a lot of fun and a great way to remember our mate. It was great to see some of Ted and Andrea's family out at the race, as well as Ted's racing friends, some of whole haven't raced for a while but signed up to race for Ted. Also thanks to Andrea for the volunteer's cookies!

Message from Andrea Alexander:
' I just want to say thanks to Hamilton Wheelers for hosting Ted’s inaugural road race at Elimbah. He would have been extremely embarrassed about having a race in his name. However as a family we were extremely proud. Thanks to all the people who completed the race especially those who had not raced for some time.  I would also like to thank Hamilton Wheelers for all the support I have personally received over the last nine months – if you are a member of Hamilton you are not just a member of a cycling club you are a member of a family.’

Div 2 Winners L-R Kate Nash, Suz Davis (Most Combative riding with only one cycling shoe!), Sue Jones (Fastest Time), Kerry Wilson 4th, Andrea Alexander 2nd, Kylie Burkwood 3rd, Trish Sutton-Davies 1st

Div 2 Winner Trish Sutton-Davies

Div 2 4th and 5th Place Kerry Wilson in her first race and Suz Davis (Serious stuff this racing y'know!)

Div 1 Podium L-R Harvey McIntosh, Chris Marty, Dylan Cope, Chris Depalo

Div 1 Winner Dylan Cope

Div 2 Second Place Chris Marty

Div 1 Fastest Time and Most Combative Rider Award - Sam Volkers (Balmoral)

Thanks to all our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Marshalls and Vehicle: Rod Millard, Geoff Moon, John Pearson, Clem Piscitelli, Annwen Pettit (for Anthony)