Ted Alexander Memorial Handicap Results Sat 25 Sept 2021

A great mornings racing held in honour of our mate Ted. Thanks to Andrea, Kate, Stuart, James, Tim and Georgina for coming out to race and cheer us on. Great to see many old friends who make this their one and only road race for the year.

Div 2 Winner Hugh Fyson, Andrea Alexander, Div 2 Winner Kurt Hindmarsh

Division 1 Winners L-R Dan Wilson 2nd & F/T (HWCC), 1st Kurt Hindmarsh (Uni), Jason McNulty 3rd (HWCC), Korey Boddington (SCCC) 4th, Leah Roberts (HWCC) First Unplaced Lady

Division 2 Winners L-R Lachlan Walters 4th and F/T, 2nd Tish Sutton Davies, 1st Hugh Fyson, 3rd Les Preston. Dodgiest haircut* Marly Harrison

* A close finish between Ren Han Tsen and Marly Harrison