Well done to all HPRW riders who competed in the State Road Championships on "our" Elimbah Course on Sunday 15th August. Full results are HERE

Report from Terry Bourne;-
30 HPRW riders entered the State Road Championship races.  Well done to HPRW with great representation and fine results.  Here’s some of the highlights;-

U23      Mitchell Mulhern 1st - this goes with his State Criterium title earlier this year. He actually won the Combined Elite/U23 event, very well done Mitch.
Elite Men Clinton Amble 10th
Elite Men Richard Brownhill 17th
MM2       Chris Millen 8th
MM3       Andrew Patton 6th
WM3      Melanie Reiter 2nd
MM4       David Stanton 3rd
Richard Walters 7th
Mark Eltherington 10th
WM4      Patricia Sutton Davies 3rd
MM5       Alberto Monte Rego 2nd
Howard Cameron 6th
WM5      Gail Singleton 1st
Andrea Alexander 3rd
MM6       Bill Tape 4th
Gary Lee 10th
Thomas Rothlisberger 11th
MM7       Bryan Ferris 7th
MM8       Ted Alexander 1st
MM9       Jim Loyden 4th
Mm10     Ron Young 1st

Looking at the first three placings in each race - HPRW topped the list with 9.

Some photos from Kevin Coppalotti HERE

Jaman's Report HERE