Saturday 21 Aug 2010
All proceeds from today went to the Smiling For Smiddy campaign to raise money for cancer research and we raised over $1300. Good luck to Mick Young and Donna Fyfe on the big ride starting 4th September.

Ladies Handicap
1 Jane Walker (FFAST)
2 Trish Sutton-Davies (HPRW)
3 Dominique Schuh (UNI)
4 Nerida Schonfeld (UNI)
Heather Kemp and Andrea Alexander started out strongly in the GO group, with two groups of 6 each starting a few minutes behind them. With about 10 minutes to go the three groups came together, with the sprinters then conserving their energy waiting to pounce including 5 strong Uni riders. The sprint was close with Jane and Trish going mano-a-mano with Jane just pipping Trish on the line.

Watch the sprint on YouTube

Trish S-D and Jane Walker sprinting for the win. Youtube video to come shortly...

Ladies Handicap winners, Dominique,Nerida,Trish and Jane

A Grade
1 Mick Manson (HPRW) 2 sprints + 5 bonus for 1st = 7 points
2 Matt Murray (FFAST) 6 sprints = 6 points
3 Tim Fitzsimmons (FFAST) 3 sprints + 2 bonus for 4th = 5 points
4 Shaun O'Brien (FFAST) 5 sprints = 5 points 
5 Damon Stefani (FFAST) 4 points
There was a big turnout of over 50 sprint hungry A graders for this race and each point was hotly contested.
Mick Manson scored a couple of early points in an early break before it was brought back together. Riders would
attack in twos or three and stay away for a lap or 2 at most with the bunch strong enough to prevent anyone
getting away and tucking away more than a point or two. Matt Murray was strong winning 6 bunch sprints,
closely followed by Shaun O'Brien, James Hepburn and Leighton Jefferson. Other riders featuring were Chris Millen,
Andy Patten, Tim Fitzsimmons and Paul Butler. With Matt on 6 and Shaun on 5 it came down to whether
they could place in the final sprint, or be leapfrogged by someone with a few less points. A well timed sprint
from Coyote Racing rider Mick Manson - who was perhaps a little fresher than others who had burnt a lot of
matches throughout the race - put him well clear over the line. With the extra 5 points he ended up one
point ahead of Matt. Tim jumped ahead of several riders and for 3rd ahead of shaun due to his higher place
in the final sprint.

Watch it on YouTube

Mick Manson wins the final sprint and the race!

Shane (I only need 1 gear) Bedford from Fusion Cycles Team presenting the A grade winners: Damon, Shaun,Matt,Mick & Tim

B Grade

1 Carl Rayner (HPRW) 8 sprints + 3 bonus for 3rd place = 11 points
2 Bryn Hughes (UNI) 3 sprints + 4 bonus for 2nd = 7 points
3 Stephen Tapper (BCRI) 0 sprints + 5 bonus for 1st = 5 points
4 Anthony Sibraa (HPRW) 5 sprints = 5 points
HPRW Homesitesqld rider Carl Rayner was dominate in the B grade points race, with some very strong breakaways
putting away 8 points for a rainy day. Tony Sibraa from HPRW cleaned up 5 of the rest of the sprints, with
Bryn from UNI getting 3. Carl was not letting anybody jump ahead though with a 3rd place in the final
sprint securing his win.

C Grade
1 Phil Millham (HPRW)
2 Peter Kelly (HPRW)
3 Tom McIndoe (HPRW)
4 Geoff Prendergast (HPRW)

C1 Grade
1 Richard Merklott (HPRW)
2 Sharon Bolter (SCCC)
3 Tom Macindoe (HPRW)
4 Gary Foothead (HPRW)

D Grade
1 Matt Menzies(?) (1 Day Licence)
2 Cameron Goldwell U/15 (HPRW)
3 Lindsay Green (HPRW)
4 Geoff Prendergast (HPRW)

E Grade
1 Roger Bower (HPRW)
2 Mick Wilkinson (HPRW)
3 Phil Gibson (HPRW)
4 Bob McIntyre (HPRW)