29th June 2013 Lakeside Results

A Grade (10 riders)
1 Patrick Weinrauch (HPRW)
2 Luke Cunningham (HPRW)
3 Mick Manson (HPRW)
4 Andy Patten (HPRW)
Patrick Weinrauch solos away to win A

Luke doing well after moving up to A

B Grade (22 riders)
1 Tony Lupton (HPRW)
2 Dean Davidson (HPRW)
3 Marcus(?) Randall (?)
4 Michael Scully (HPRW)
First Lady Donna Fyfe (HPRW)
Prime Keith Stanhope (KPCC)
C1 Grade (13 riders)
1 John Chapman (HPRW)
2 Richard Kohout (Lifecycle)
3 John Atkins (Lifecycle)
4 Andrew Moore (Vikings ACT)
First Lady Mel Symon (HPRW)
John Chapman is strong at the moment...a fine win John!
C2 Grade (8 riders)
1 Ian Murdoch (HPRW)
2 Terry Cocksedge (HPRW)
3 Wayne Wilson (HPRW)
4 Colin Chapman (HPRW)
Great to see Willow back on the podium
D Grade (2 riders)
1 Andrea Alexander (HPRW)
2 Jenni Eason (HPRW)