6th July 2013 Nundah Criteriums

Another top day at Nundah with some great racing, well done to all our place getters and great to see some our older juniors mixing it up with the adults.

A few quick reminders:
Don't forget to check your club grading and only race in that grade. If you wish to ride in a different grade, you must request the handicappers/race admininstator's permission first. If you have permission to ride in a lower grade for training, or if you missed the start for your grade, you should not contest the sprint or affect the race outcome in any way (breakaway/leadout etc). It is technically not permitted to ride two grades in the one event, so bear this in mind if you have a flat and you don't have spare or have a mechanical that is normally it.

Frank Papp Memorial Handicap next Sat Jul 13th out at Somerset Dam - This is a great and tough 100/50km handicap, if you would like to race it please nominate in advance so we can organise a good handicap for everyone. We are also in dire need of marshalls and a follow vehicle for next saturday's race, so if you can help please let us know (double race entry vouchers + fuel money). Full details are HERE

A Grade (29 riders)
1 Shane Spence (HPRW)
2 Patrick Weinrauch (HPRW)
3 Michael Constantine (Lifecycle)
4 Nathan White (Hobart Wheelers)
Prime Patrick Weinrauch (HPRW)

B Grade (41 riders)
1 Darren Croad (HPRW)
2 Elliot Conway (no club or division given)
3 Michael Scully (HPRW)
4 Grant Dawson (HPRW)
Prime Keith Stanhope (KPCC)

C1 Grade (37 riders)
1 Maitlohn Drew (HPRW)
2 Wyatt Westmoreland (HPRW/U17)
3 Kim Flesser (HPRW)
4 Scott McPherson (HPRW)
First Lady Brittany Dutton (HPRW/U17)

C2 Grade (12 riders)
1 Colin Chapman (HPRW/U17)
2 Terry Cocksedge (HPRW)
3 Glenn Dexter (HPRW)
4 Wayne Wilson (HPRW)
First Lady Lyn Bridge (HPRW)

D Grade (6 riders)
1 Terahk Clements (HPRW/U15)
2 Suz Davis (HPRW)
3 Andrea Alexander (HPRW)
4 Gary Foothead (HPRW)

E Grade (4 riders)
1 Aidon Clements (HPRW/U13)
2 Bob McIntyre (HPRW)
3 Laurie Kelly (HPRW)
4 Phil Gibson (HPRW) 

Juniors B Grade
1 Noah Fontaine
2 Cooper Tamer
3 Marly Harrison

Juniors C Grade
1 Sandon Hull
2 Spencer Mitchell

Commissaires: Pete McDonald, Jack Carter
Marshalls:Tom Macindoe, Jane Walker
Signon:Tony Jedroszkowiak, Brendan Smyth
Grading: Adam Harrison